Hey folks! Welcome to the site. If you’ve landed here and have no idea who that nerd with purple hair and a My Chemical Romance choker is, that’s me!

My name is Augie Peterson and I am a published author of horror, podcaster, filmmaker, and occasional voice actor. Basically, I’m an indecisive sack of potatoes.

Recently I released a brand new audio drama and I have a novel in the works, take a gander at the rest of the site to read some of my spooky tales, snarky movie reviews, and to see what I’ve been up to!

About Me

I grew up in a very conservative household, all of which you can hear about in my interview with Nate from Everyone Has a Story. Therefore, I was expected to do something more productive with my life than sit alone in a dark closet recording the spooky stories I wrote in my free time. Becoming a teacher, therapist, or even a missionary were all laid out before me, but once I went away to college to pursue what I thought were my dreams, I realized that writing is where my passion was. Thanks to my school, I was introduced to the world of theater. On stage, you could pretend to be someone else, be creative with your characters, and feel things you’ve never felt before because it was written in a script and then became your job to translate to the stage.

On top of acting, I was also writing and directing one act plays and skits, working as a backstage crew member, testing the waters of amateur filmmaking, and all the while, trying to write a novel that I still haven’t managed to finish yet…you know on top of school and stuff too. It let me explore all the creative aspects of my personality and I was able to realize through that art that I belonged in those spaces.

After battling homelessness, poverty, and undiagnosed mental conditions once I graduated, I was finally done keeping that part of me locked away where no one could see it. I needed to see if I could make it work.


My kitty Pumpkin ensuring I’ve remembered to un-mute my mic

Though friends and family told me I was wasting my time writing my weird little stories, I persisted. I started this blog and posted a new short story every week, made a Twitter and from there, met the people that changed my life for the better.

I discovered an entire universe of new media to sink my teeth into, mainly fiction podcasting. With my desire to write and my interest in audio drama, I was the host of a podcast in no time.

Nearly 3 years later, I’m sitting in my own apartment, working a part time job, and waiting to see a psychiatrist. My stories have been read, my podcast has been heard, and I am on the brink of bringing that long forgotten novel from college to fruition.

It’s been an uphill struggle, one I’m still struggling through, if not in the same way as before, but my art makes me who I am and sharing that with the world brings me peace like I’ve never known before.

I hope the little slice of my soul I put into the things I create can bring you peace too….and nightmares…it’s supposed to be scary, after all…

-Augie Peterson-