Drumming Up Business

**Be sure to read all the information presented very carefully! This is a story about a young girl. There are supposed to be grammatical and spelling errors throughout the story. **

****None of the links are real, if they somehow are, that is completely coincidental and I am not responsible for what happens if you google them on your own.****

kawaiikate236 DIYdoers.com

September 27

Hey everyone! I just started my own business and I’m really excited to be sharing it all with you on this forum!

I know a lot of you are DIYers, but I think I have something really unique that no one else does. I sell repurposed figurines. I take broken and forgotten figurines and paint them with the colors I see in my soul.


Take a look at my website!!!!!!!


                Comments (2)

Welcomecrew: Welcome!

kawaiikate236: @Welcomecrew Thanx! I’m so happy I found this forum!

User: kawaiikate236 DIYdoers.com

October 4

OMG!! I just got my first commission request! My mom asked me to repaint one of her broken angel figurines. She told me to be totally creative and even tipped me for what she said was “a job well done.” I painted the top half blue and the bottom half white and painted some birds in blue flying out of the white part. I would take a picture, but since I gave it to her, I can’t find it.


Take a look at my website!!!!!!!


                Comments (4)

Geronimo42: Yeah, I bet all your comishuns are from your family, lame.

kawaiikate236: @Geronimo42 I’m not even going to respond to this, your mean.


Iheartewe: That’s so exciting! Congratulations!! I checked out your website and it looks really good! Keep going!

kawaiikate236: @Iheartewe Thanx!!

User: kawaiikate236 DIYdoers.com

October 11

GUYSSS!! I found out today that my website got 12 views yesterday! That’s to most views it’s had in one day all month! I can’t wait until I have so many orders I won’t even be able to keep up with them. Thanks for all of your support!


Take a look at my website!!!!!!!


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Butterflygirl: WEBSITE LOOKS GOOD.

kawaiikate236: @Butterflygirl Thanx aunt Georgia!!

User: kawaiikate236 DIYdoers.com

October 18

So…I wanted to tell you guys about something that happened to me. As you know, my website (https://kawaiikatekreations.com) has been getting a lot of views (and not just from family members, @Geronimo42!!). I’ve had a few people ask me to do commission pieces for them, but one really weird one stuck out to me. Some guy asked me to make a figure for his band. He said it was like a mascot or something. I don’t know why but he’s making me feel really uncomfortable about everything. I’m only going to do it because he offered to pay me double and he already has the figurine he wants me to paint. So whatever! I’m doing it.


Take a look at my website!!!!!!!


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ThisisHowiedoit: That sounds weird. I wouldn’t do it.

kawaiikate236: @ThisisHowiedoit You don’t have to worry, I’ll be fine!

Butterflygirl: BE CAREFUL.

User: kawaiikate236 DIYdoers.com

October 25

So I finished the figurine that band guy sent me, but I noticed something weird about it. Basically, the figurine was a little boy playing a drum, but his head had fallen off. The guy who sent it to me didn’t include the head, and when I asked he just said “yeah, work with it” so I did. He told me to be a gory as possible and make it really creepy looking, like it should be a Halloween decoration.

So I painted it and made it look really creepy with blood and everything. I sent some pictures to the guy of what it looked like painted and he seemed to like it. Then he asked me to add a symbol on the top of the drum. He attached an image to his email and I did the best I could to copy it. I sent the guy another picture when it was totally done and he said it was perfect.

I told him I wasn’t going to send it back until he paid me. It’s been a week so far and he hasn’t sent the money or responded to any of my emails. I’M SO PISSED! He told me he wanted this thing and now he doesn’t want it and I have this creepy thing in my house that makes me feel weird when I look at it. I even had a nightmare last night that it attacked me in my sleep. Every time I leave the room, it makes this plinking noise. Like the drummer boy is actually drumming. But that sounds crazy, right?

Has anyone else here had to deal with someone ghosting them for a payment? Should I call the cops?


Take a look at my website!!!!!!!


                Comments (5)

Butterflygirl: SO SORRY BABY.

Geronimo42: Sucks to suck!

Jewelsbysophie: Yeah, that happened to me once. Don’t call the cops, though, they won’t be able to help. You can’t really do anything except move on. Sorry.

kawaiikate236: @Jewelsbysophie that really sucks. I’m sorry it happened to you to. I have screenshots of him saying he’ll pay me double and the emails to prove I completed the thing. Won’t that help?

Jewelsbysophie: Nope, you’re SOL.

User: kawaiikate236 DIYdoers.com

November 18

It has nearly been a month since we have last communicated and I love where I am living. The DIY is going wonderfully and I cannot wait to have more business. I am not uncomfortable and everything is fine. I wish you luck with your DIY and future endeavors.


Take a look at my website!!!!!!!


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