Featured on a Podcast!

I’ve just finished screaming and jumping up and down for joy. Cabin Nightmare Stories, a horror podcast on iTunes, just posted my story “Suddenly the Telephone Rang.” It just went live, like, a couple hours ago. OMG, okay maybe I’m not finished.

Click here to listen (you don’t have to have an iTunes account to listen)! He really did an amazing job bringing my story to life using sound effects and his creepy voice. It’s so surreal to be creeped out by something I wrote.

It would mean the world to the podcast and to me if you could go check it out and maybe poke around their iTunes library to see if there are any other stories you might be interested in.

I just wanted to make sure I take the time to thank you all for being so supportive and interested in what I do as a writer. It’s a huge and scary step I’m taking here, so it means the world that someone cares.



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