Master and I

I’m sitting on my bed right now chewing on my favorite bone. Master has placed that sticky stuff I love so much inside and it’s at the point where I have to wiggle my tongue around to get what’s stuck to the roof of my mouth. Today was a good day. We went for a walk in the park, I found that thing Master is always trying to get rid of, and I also barked really loud to make sure all of my friends knew I was having a good day.

When we got home, Master gave me this bone and is now standing at the hot box pushing something around that’s making a terrible noise. It’s like the noise the cat that walks through our front lawn at night makes at me sometimes. Master has done this before and doesn’t seem to mind that noise as much as I do, so I keep licking at my bone, doing my best to get all of the sticky stuff out. It’s delicious. That’s a word I hear Master use a lot when they give me pieces of their dinner.

Master is now sitting on the soft thing in the room with the box that talks and eating the food they made. I don’t know what it is, but it smells really good. I’m not allowed to jump on the soft thing, so I sit by Master’s feet. Looking at them, I wish they would drop some of their dinner for me to try. Master looks at me and smiles, taking a piece of something off of their plate and giving it to me. It tastes like my dog food, but better. Better than the sticky stuff too; delicious.

Master goes back to eating their food and making that noise they make at the talking box sometimes. Like a bark, but not as loud, and I can’t understand it. As Master is barking though, they stop and start making a different noise; a scary noise. They pet their neck and keep making the new noise, then no noise at all. Master stands up, knocking the food on the floor. I take my chance to eat more of it and gobble up what I can. Then I hear a noise in the room with the hot box.  I don’t know what it might be, so I bark a little and go to investigate, just to make sure it’s not the Master that wears blue and has a bag of white things.

When I get to the room with the hot box, I see Master lying on the floor, their face looks different, not like their normal colors. Master must be playing; they sometimes lay on the floor with me and play. I crouch down and wag my tail barking my happy bark but Master just lies there, they don’t move or make any noises. I start to get worried. I whine and nudge Master’s face. They still don’t move. I walk back and forth, trying to bark loud enough that Master will wake up, but nothing works. Maybe Master is just sleeping. Sometimes they sleep through my barks, so I bark louder. It still doesn’t work, so I leave Master alone to sleep. I go to my bed and chew on my bone again.

It’s been a long time now, and Master is still sleeping. There is no food in my bowl and Master hasn’t given me any more since this morning. I lick the few pieces of my food that sit in my bowl, but there is no more left and I am starting to get hungry. Master never lets me get hungry. I go back to the room with the box that is still talking and see if there are any more pieces of Master’s dinner on the floor. I find a few pieces under the soft thing, but they are small.

It’s been a while since Master lied down in the room with the hot box. A new smell is starting to come from them, one I don’t like and one I’ve never smelled before. I know something is wrong, but I don’t know what. Then I get an idea; maybe if I nip at Master they will wake up from the pain. I go back to where Master is laying and find a spot to try. I bite down just a little bit with my front teeth. Master doesn’t move, maybe that wasn’t hard enough. I do it again, but this time a bit harder. This time, something comes out and spills onto the floor. It smells good, like something I get when there are a lot of people in Master’s house and they put a big brown thing in the hot box.

I know this is Master and not the tasty brown thing, so I lick their wound and try to make them feel better. As I lick the stuff, my stomach starts to grumble. I haven’t eaten in a long time, and I don’t think Master is getting up anytime soon.  I walk in a circle around Master, whining and barking. I don’t want to eat my Master but I’m so hungry and the stuff smells so good. The other smell coming from Master is not a good one; it makes my nose sting.

I realize that I might not eat again if no one comes to help Master. There aren’t a lot of other people that come here. Maybe if I just take one bite, Master will wake up and forgive me because I’m so hungry. I go back to where the stuff is coming from on Master and I lick it again. It tastes like dog food and the brown thing, but better. I wrap my mouth around Master’s arm and, before I bite down, I make sure they aren’t moving. The bad smell starts to get worse. I bite down hard enough that the stuff covers my mouth and the floor; delicious.

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