Synopsis: A group of high school kids are stalked by an app that killed their friend and somehow turns their nightmares into reality. These nightmares include, but are not limited to, a deranged teddy bear, grandma, and racism.
Year released: 2016
Directors/ Writers: Abel and Burlee Vang
Meh Rating


Favorite death: Haley was “killed” by a teddy bear. Like the other deaths in this movie, you don’t get to see it. It’s then left to the viewer’s imagination how a teddy bear and a mysterious Joker-meets-Slenderman figure kill people. The only reason this death was my favorite is because the MC wasn’t killed by her demonic grandmother.
Funniest part: This movie didn’t make me laugh so much as it made me bored. The funniest part was when the friends are video chatting about the main theme of the film. It holds absolutely no relevance to the story that they are video chatting. This is odd, considering the movie is about an all-knowing app that can turn on your dishwasher.
The scene is so poorly acted it looks as if Alice is reading a script as she’s filming. These cut scenes could easily have been from their audition tapes. Put together, it makes an awkward scene that didn’t have to exist.
What they did right: I did actually scream at one point. When Haley goes to look in the closet for what I assumed would be her demon teddy bear, the long fingers of Mr. Bedeviled reach out instead. I also liked the camera angles used. In the beginning, especially, the angles are all sideways and crooked, just off enough to give you a sense of fear.
Soundtrack: The soundtrack was either non-existent or too present. It consisted of loud thumps to indicate an enemy was close, or it was a shrill climbing sound that indicated an enemy was close. There wasn’t any actual music aside from what one character whistles to comfort himself in public- a Chopin number.


 Special effects: This was very obviously a low-budget movie. They did little costuming, 
and their special effects budget was saved for when Mr. Bedeviled reveals himself. Which, it turns out, is as a Joker with bad hair and eyes that blink sideways.

I don’t think I have to mention that this movie is bad. You’re following a bad horror movie review blog; I think you know by now that they’re all going to be bad. Anyway, this movie was bad, but it was also boring. The scenes moved too slowly, it relied too heavily on jump scares, and the big villain-reveal was unenthusiastic. They could have done a lot differently and should have, but that’s neither here nor there.
The story starts out on a great note. Nikki, a girl whose new favorite thing to do is stare at walls, is killed by the main monster of the film. The thing is, we don’t know how he kills her or why. There’s no gore, no weapon, only long fingers and a villain that looks inflatable when he’s introduced.
At her funeral, her friends are introduced. The main character looks a lot like Lindsey Lohan, or at least a younger sister.


Her name is Alice, she’s blonde, and has horror movie boobs. There is also a black dude(Cody), an Asian dude (Dan), a dude that could be Mexican (Gavin), and a brunette chick (Haley). It doesn’t matter what their names are because they all die. Oh, oops…spoiler alert.
Once Alice returns home, an app pops up on her phone inviting her to play a game. She, of course, opens it with little hesitation. It’s an AI app called Bedeviled that was created by a religious/ pseudo-science fanatic/chemistry tutor. He sought to make the world numbed by technology fearful again. That’s it. That’s the plot, that’s all there is.
This then indicates that Mr. Bedeviled uses these kids’ worst fears to scare them to death. We happen to know this is possible thanks to Haley-Hot-For-Teacher asking questions in class.
The characters worst fears include racism, grandma, a teddy bear, clowns, and a mysterious woman in a photo. Each character is scared and killed by their respective nightmares. However, there’s nothing creative about their deaths. I would have loved to see the giant stuffed bunny scene from Red hqdefaultChristmas combined with the teddy bear scene in this movie. Maybe Haley could have been turned into a teddy bear or been stuffed with something until she explodes? All we see is creepy stuff, then a lot of screaming, and scenes of a funeral or a body being found.


Not to mention, the only parents in this movie are the moms of Nikki and Alice. No one else seems to have parents yet all live in their own houses with clothing and food and money. There are no scenes of grieving family members; no parent’s to question what’s happening, and no consequences for these kids’ actions.
Once the app starts killing more, the Scooby Gang gets suspicious and takes it upon themselves to uninstall the app. This would have been a better idea to have before someone was FUCKING KILLED. Unfortunately, they can’t uninstall it because it changes its programming every time they try.
After somehow connecting the dots from this app to Nikki’s Chemistry tutor, Alice and Cody (the black dude) go to his house to investigate the app. Meanwhile, Dan (the Asian dude) goes to the police. They are apparently part of Mr. Bedeviled’s agenda and even though he goes in to report a murder, they scare him away.
We never really find out what happens to Dan, he’s seen running away after the police thing. It’s unclear whether he’s running from his problems or towards them. Either way, that’s the last time we see him and the rest of the movie becomes the Alice and Cody show.bedeviled-mitchell-edwards-and-saxon-sharbino
Alice and Cody then figure out how to hack the system to get the app off of Alice’s phone. Just. Alice’s. Phone. So they all die and Alice is left dealing with her incompetent mother.
Overall, the acting is absolutely atrocious. There’s little to nothing redeemable about this movie. It moves too slowly, there is little to no character development, and it barely has a plot.

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