Ghost House

Synopsis: A guy and a girl for some reason visit Thailand. She is tricked into looking into a small wooden temple and is cursed with stupid hallucinations and non-scary jump scares.

Year released: 2017

Director: Rich Ragsdale


Passable Rating

Funniest part: When the main chick is taken to a witch doctor for her hallucinations, they look into her mouth and right where her throat starts, there’s an eyeball. I’m not sure why this was so funny to me. Maybe I just wasn’t expecting it, but I laughed.

What they did right:  There were a few jump scares that got me. There was also one scene where the main chick was looking through her camera at photo’s she’d taken. After a while, the photos showed where she was sitting presently, with her camera. They kept zooming in until the last one which shows the girl with the creepy demon behind her.

Soundtrack: Comprised almost entirely of songs in Thai. I thought it was neat, but also I didn’t because this movie screams cultural appropriation.

Special effects: There’s a mix of really good and really bad special effects in this movie. For example, the woman being set on fire looks really cool, but some of the jump scares and close-up shots make you think they hired Jim Henson to do them.



I’m not going to lie; this movie was bad but not as bad as some other movies I’ve seen. The lighting and cinematography was actually on point and some of the jump scares actually got to me. Overall I give it a weak pass; it’s only slightly less terrible than Bedeviled.

mv5bnmy3zjrmmmmtnzfhmi00mgfjltkxowitodnlotu0ytzhnjflxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymjg2odu3mjk-_v1_Mostly it was boring. It’s called Ghost House, so right off the bat, you expect it to be about a haunted house, right? Well, no. It’s about some strange spirit that tried to kill her family but ended up killing herself. Now she hangs out by tiny wooden shrines waiting for stupid British men to come by and fuck it up so she can possess tourists and stick her fingers in their mouth with zero explanation.

This couple is inexplicably in Thailand. I assume it has to do with the fact that the main chick, Julie is a photographer. She has a camera, but I don’t recall her mentioning she’s there for any particular reason. With her is Jim, a strange looking man that could give Toby McGuire a run for his money in an ugly crying competition.


He gives a very stale performance, but fills his role well enough to keep the allure of the movie going. He plays the knight in shining armor after his woman is knocked down to the ground and somehow unable to walk for the remainder of the movie due to her haunting dilemma.

The movie continues as the couple does what they can to exercise this demon. Honestly it didn’t need an hour and 40 minutes, but that’s cool, whatever. In the end, Julie is released from her hallucinations and the two return home like nothing even happened.



The main thing I hated about this movie was the amount of white washing it did. The main characters are white, the secondary characters are white, and the only Thai people in the movie are either witch doctors, taxi drivers that are literally named Go Go, or random townspeople. Even the mystic dude they visit to help with the demon is a fat white dude. It’s unfortunate because I feel as if the movie misses a lot of creep factor by not using Asian actors.

This movie could easily have resolved itself in half an hour had it not been for the extended hallucination scenes Julie goes through. I wish it had been a bit more representative of the culture the director was trying to appreciate, and the special effects are lacking. Overall the movie is okay but lacks a decent plot and character development.

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5 thoughts on “Ghost House

  1. Anuj ! says:

    I think it’s really sad that even the movies that are supposed to be relatively better; like Satanic, are incredibly disappointing. Do give it a watch if you haven’t already!
    Because hey, all the more content amirite!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Augie Peterson says:

      I was wondering about that one, actually. I think that might be next on the chopping block now that I have your recommendation. Thanks for reading and for the follow!


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