Features Week Day 5: Eliot Roe

I’ve been friends with Eliot since high school. Not only did Eliot help me with the stories inside Night Vision, but they also designed and created the cover!


What inspired you to become an artist?

Since I was little, I was drawing. A lot. Didn’t matter where or when, I was always drawing. (not doodling, trust me when I say I don’t think I can doodle XD)


What medium(s) do you use for your art? 

I like using any medium I can get my hands on. I have yet to find a medium I don’t like, but being who I am with all my insecurities, I tend to default to pencil. It’s what I am comfortable with (other than crayon O.O)


Which of your pieces is your favorite? 

Well, my favorite is one I painted for my boyfriend, but I can’t show you because he hasn’t seen it yet. XD So, I guess the next one I would say is my favorite is a WIP of my boyfriend from October when he had his beard. XD



What artists inspire you?

Yeah, no one really. Say what you want. When I want to draw and I don’t like what I draw, I just push myself to change it up and sometimes I just have a couple styles I use that I like using, but its not because I saw another artist doing it. If you asked which artist I am jealous of, I would say all of them. O.O


Do you have any funny stories related to your art? 

No???  <\_<   \>\_\>  <\_< o\_o  -\_- o\_o Oh wait. one. I guess it was kinda funny… My boyfriend and I had an art date kinda thing. He said we had to do the same thing. Long story long, we had to do it in ink and no pencil at all, and I was super scared. Pencil, I need pencil!

We wanted to use the same type of ink and he had well pens and a Japanese calligraphy pen. I had tons of pit pens, but they weren’t the same as his except for one. A dank ass brush pen. The thing was near death because I rarely used it.

We started by drawing a single tree, then a forest, hills, path, water feature, and lastly him and me. The whole time we were drawing were kinda competing, I guess. Though I was more worried that mine was just going to be bad. T^T As we add each thing we showed it to each other. I loved how his was looking, and he was impressed by mine.

Once our works were finished we showed each other, and my boyfriend honestly looked so touched. When I saw him like that, I looked at my work again I was shocked I could actually do all that without pencil. Idk. Not really funny, but everyone says my sense of humor is different. OuO


What is the most challenging part of being an artist in the medium you’ve chosen? 

Hardest part as in fingers, feet, or grass? If that is the case, nothing really? It’s such a hit an miss when I draw. Either I nail it like a nail-gun or I fail or don’t even finish at all. XD I don’t like animals so I kinda struggle there, but it’s not like that’s my main thing to draw, but I can draw animals if I really really really try and have references. XD


Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

(Augie) (but that’s where you are reading it) No one really. Augie is the only artisan that I stay in contact with. You can find her short horror stories here and reviews of bad horror movies here.


Where can we find you on social media?

Lel. Look for Eliot Seine Roe on Twitter and Instagram and you should find me. \>\_\> They are not very lively places, but I do check them once in a while. I will make a super official account somewhere if people are actually interested in my work.

Thanks so much to Eliot for answering my questions! If you’re a creator and need some artwork done, I recommend working with Eliot. You’ll experience a professional artist that puts a lot of work into the art you see.

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