The Offering

Synopsis: A girl finds out her sister is dead and goes to comfort her grieving family. While she’s there, she finds out she’s going to die, experiences a lot of terrible jump scares, and gets almost no screen time.
Directed and Written by: Kevin Tong
Movie Pitch: What do you think of taking all of the tropes from the movies we love and putting them into one that makes no sense of any of them?
Nope Rating
Favorite death: There are only a few to choose from and none of them are really my “favorite” per se. The closest “death” is the scene where Sam tries to hang himself. He does it so Jamie doesn’t have to do the whole “Kill yourself then come back 7 days later good as new” thing. He tries to hang himself, but he attempt is foiled by the pastor arriving in his car. He crashes through the brick wall of the porch support and drives his car under Sam so he can get down and catch his breath. Then Sam forgets about doing the thing completely.
Funniest part: By far the funniest part is the scene where Katie and the Asian lady are sitting down at the coffee table in the living room. Danny, the ghost boy, spooks the Asian lady in the cheesiest jump scare I’ve ever witnesses. He doesn’t even do anything to scare her. She just whips around all of a sudden and they play a fake scream. I wish I could link a YouTube clip of it because it’s so unbelievable bad.
What they did right: There were a few jump scares that got to me, but most I could see coming a mile away. The lighting and production value are really high, the movie looked great and the costumes were well done.

Special Effects: Just the worst. They blew their entire budget on a two second clip of the “Leviathan” that was a straight up rip-off from Supernatural. The rest of the movie suffered because of this choice. We were left with bugs crawling out of people’s faces and flying mattresses. At one point, while Katie is possessed, she turns her head completely around and reveals some of the worst green screen footage I’ve ever seen.


The Leviathan from this movie


The Leviathan from Supernatural

The one thing I hated most about this movie was the sound effects. They were louder than the rest of the movie, super cheesy, and obviously stock stuff that they found on It made me really mad because the movie was doing okay for itself with nice lighting and the acting only made me want to gouge out one eye.


While it may not have been the whitewashed sequel to Ghost House, this movie set in “Singapore” was a terrible one. Jamie, a girl we learn has little character development, is told via email that her sister Anna has died. Yes, she gets an email. So naturally, she flies to Singapore to console her grieving family.
There are no parents, no aunts or uncles sitting around a coffin at a funeral. In fact, there is no funeral. Jamie just shows up and starts bitching to Sam, Anna’s husband about not being there for her when she died. Katie, Anna and Sam’s daughter, is “in shock” because she found her mother, yet has no problem discussing it with Jamie when she asks.
Jamie, Anna, and Katie all have a genetic disease called Huntingtons. It’s early signs include muscle twitches, trouble swallowing, and reduced coordination. When Jamie meets up with Katie to talk about her mom, she discovers she has a stomach tube that she eats through because she has trouble swallowing. This leads to several “Katie it’s time to feed” lines that are ominous for a totally different reason.
Can I just say now that there is little to no plot in this movie? There’s SOMEthing, but it’s a mix of weird Biblical stories and monsters that makes no sense mythologically. Anyway, my point is that the movie jumps around a lot. One second you’re seeing something that MIGHT have to do with the main story. The next Sam comes out of nowhere and is walking around the rooms of his house like he’s never seen them before.
img_0612There are two plotlines going at the same time, one with Jamie, Sam, and Katie. The other consists of two priests that have websites under attack by some creepy cyber hacker. They confront the demon part of the plot and discuss how the demon wants to rebuild the tower of Babel. We never find out why, and, Biblically speaking it makes no sense because that tower was meant to be a means to get physically closer to God.
They do their own detective work that we don’t get to see because the film is too busy showing Sam looking through a telescope or Katie using Morse code to communicate with a dead boy. There’s an Asian priest and an old white dude priest (OWDP we’ll say for future reference). They have very little screen time, but hold the entire plot together.
It’s hard to tell what happens next because, like I said, the movie jumps around a lot. What I gleaned about the story in the interim between jump scares is that the house is what’s causing the problem. The guy and his family that lived there before Anna, Sam, and Katie was some kind of Luciferian. He would hold ceremonies in his house to summon demons and stuff. The Leviathan, the main demon in the film, was summoned there, so that’s where he stays. The “Offering” the title refers to is people committing suicide. Each time someone dies, the tower the Leviathan is building gets taller. I guess the original owner of the house convinced his family to commit suicide to summon the demon. In one scene we see him doing an incantation over their bodies (though they look dead) and in another we see them hanging from a tree in the back yard. I’m not really sure what happened there.
So now the Leviathan is terrorizing the people in the house for existing and making them commit illness related suicides so he can build a tower to God.
The crux of the whole film happens when Katie is possessed by the Leviathan. OWDP comes over to try and exorcise her, but the demon is too strong and his faith is weak so he is killed. Then, since the demon is still in Katie, Sam and Jamie have to figure out what to do. So, because there was a line about how “pain reminds you of how precious life is” Jamie PULLS ON KATIE’S FEEDING TUBE TO KICK THE DEMON OUT.maxresdefault
That’s how they do it.
They pull on a feeding tube until it bleeds and possibly ruptures the poor girl’s stomach. She’s suddenly fine and the ending turns to a happy one. Sam and Katie end up moving out and donating the house to the church of the Asian pastor to use as a seminary.
I don’t really know who made this movie or why they thought it would be good. It has an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and two stars on IMDB. The acting is bad, the writing is bad, and the movie just doesn’t hold up with the creatures it uses. It’s a bad movie and it should feel bad.

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