Synopsis: Some tweenage girls have a sleepover. One of them is a big bully and after she’s kicked out of the house, she stalks them from the woods and posts pictures of herself killing people on social media. We never learn where she gets the time to do this or why she’s even invited to the sleepover in the first place.
Year Released: 2015
Directed by: Tara Subkoff
Movie Pitch:

Dude 1: “Barbara, I believe video games and those dumb app things are making our children violent. I think it’s time to show the world the truth.”

Barbara: “You’re absolutely right. These LSD laced screens and Candy Crush games are ruining our lives and the lives of our friends with pillowcases and masks on their faces.”


Nope Rating
Favorite Death: Cat’s dad. Even though he was supposedly innocent, the way he felt up those 12-year-olds makes him a creep and a jackass that deserves to die.
Funniest Part: Every time the phone screen/game thing popped up it was like LSD all over the place. Emojis exploding out of apps and random photos and files all over the place. Not to mention the stupid hashtag animation that was just unnecessary.
Special Effects and Lighting: The blood was unbelievable and straight out of an 80’s slasher flick, the phone screens made no sense, and there was no reason to have an animated hashtag.


What they did right: The production value was high and the snow really made the movie look better than it was. Some of the shooting locations were really gorgeous and most of the child acting got better as the movie progressed.

This movie was not only terrible, but by the end, I was absolutely furious.

I thought it was going to be this elaborate game their parents were playing to kill them because they were so bratty and dumb. But no, it was just another cyberbullying high school movie.


The first thing we see is a guy and a girl having sex in a car. Once they’re done, the dude drops the chick off on the side of the road and answers a call from his wife. Naturally, she knows what’s up and is pissed. After he ends the call, we watch him get murdered and are introduced to the weird cyber world of the phones in this movie. The screens are bright and too colorful, there is an animated hashtag and life is meaningless.



The movie then takes 30 minutes to get to any kind of point, there’s little else happening that introduces any of the main characters. The two main girls, Cat and Sam are weird. Cat is a bully at school and has been reprimanded several times before the meat of the movie begins. Sam is a pathological liar that hates her mother played by Natasha Lyone from Orange is the New Black. Taryn Manning makes an appearance later as well- what can I say, I’m a fangirl.

After the allotted 30 minutes where literally nothing important happens (aside from establishing the mother of the girl hosting the sleepover is a rich bitch) a weak plot begins to form.

Cat is super mean and while the other girls are trying to have fun, she’s taking annoying pictures of them all. She then calls one of the girls fat and the rest of the tweens gang up on Georgie, the target, and the night is ruined.

The girls then gang up on Cat for being too mean and kick her out of the house. Because Cat’s father is a distant asshole, he doesn’t answer her calls so, naturally, she wanders off into the snow-covered woods.

At this point, the movie lulls again. The girls continue doing weird stuff. This includes: wearing the same bathing suit and performing a synchronized swimming routine in the pool, continually fat-shaming Georgie, and dancing around wearing masks of other people’s faces.



It’s all fine and dandy until Cat’s dad rushes into the house, demanding to know where his daughter went. None of the girls know, so he starts grabbing their faces, bringing them really close to his own, and touching them…like a lot. It’s really upsetting.


He ends up grabbing a knife and threatening/scaring the girls with it. He thinks they’re lying about her having been kicked out of the house for bullying Georgie. He doesn’t think that could be possible. He then runs through the house (in which this sleepover is happening unsupervised) and looks for her.

He doesn’t find her and then leaves. This, I assume, is to establish that he’s not exactly right in the head. So we’re made to think he’s the bad guy, when in reality we learn that he was trying to find her because she’s “sick.”

Throughout the film, we see someone watching the girls from the woods through a phone. It builds SOME suspense, but not enough to keep us interested. It just keeps happening every once in a while.

Turns out, it’s Cat watching the girls from in the woods. She picks them off one by one (somehow) and ends up killing herself at the end of the movie. I was really disappointed and angry about that.

Nothing about this movie makes sense. There’s a weak plot, but the whole thing is watchable due to the really nice camera angles and lighting. It’s almost HD quality to be honest. The special effects are sub-par and the acting is okay. However, The premise and the LSD phone simulations along with the stupid hashtag animation make me physically sick.

The app isn’t even a game, there are no other players that we meet aside from Cat. There’s no reason for her to be doing what she’s doing, so this movie is literally about nothing.


There’s nowhere else that this will really fit in, so I’m adding it here. The family of the girl hosting the sleepover is art collectors so there’s a lot of weird shit all over their house, most predominantly, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, but she has a giant hard-boiled egg over her face that will occasionally pulsate. This is never explained and deeply disturbs me. Thought you should know about that.

Not to mention, this falls into the same trap as The Offering and Last Shift. It uses things that are scary because they’re scary, not because they lend anything to the plot. In this movie, it happens to be a table full of random masks of other people’s faces that the girls are totally cool with wearing. Also, a photo of people with…you’ll never guess…pillowcases on their heads. Yeah.

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