Features Week Day 5: Zee Zelinski

Zee and I know each other through a facebook group full of supportive people. She’s extremely talented and the world needs to know about it.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I just needed an outlet, really. I enjoyed my art classes in high school and after I left, I remembered how cathartic it was to just sit with my art and turn off the world for a bit. When I started creating for myself, I realized there was so much freedom in art and no one to judge me since canvas can’t talk.


What medium(s) do you use for your art?

I mostly work in acrylic paint or pen and ink.


Which of your pieces is your favorite?

this will always be my most favourite out of all the pieces I’ve done because it was the first piece where I was able to take my pain and make something out of it.

What artists inspire you?

Alexa Meade, Van Gogh, Andrea Gibson


Do you have any funny stories related to your art?

not yet.


What is the most challenging part of being an artist in the medium you’ve chosen?

Making time and space for it. I’m a messy painter and space isn’t always available where I’m located.


Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

Alexa Meade. She’s an installation artist who paints portraiture pieces on live models. https://www.instagram.com/alexameadeart/


Where can we find you on social media?

instagram: @zeezelinski

twitter: @zeezelinski

Yesterday’s Featured Artist: Raven Lavina

Thanks so much to Zee for answering my questions! Definitely go check out her redbubble site that can be found here.

She’s extremely talented and an all-around amazing human.

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