Bye Bye Man

Synopsis: A strange creature resembling Voldemort haunts (?) houses with his hellhound and coin collection. We never learn why, but he makes his victims see things and kill their friends and family.

Year Released: 2017

Director: Stacy Tile

Rating: Passable

Horror Ratings

Movie Pitch: Ever wonder why people do those mass murder/suicides of close family and friends? I bet Voldemort had something to do with it.

Favorite Death: There are three deaths in this movie, however, my favorite was actually a hallucination that never killed anyone. I’m breaking my own rule here because this “death” was especially weird and stupid. So this old lady, related to the guy that was initially responsible for the deaths of a bunch of people, sticks a poker in the fire to move some logs. However, because most fire pokers these days are flammable, the fire travels up the poker and lights her on fire. It’s fantastic and I was really hoping that would kill her. Unfortunately, it was a hallucination.

Funniest Part: For some reason, during a housewarming party, friends of Elliot decides to bring a child into a house crammed with drunken college-age students. This little girl proceeds to have nothing to do with anything, but during the story, she goes upstairs, finds some coins, and opens a small door. This is the only reason the door exists in the film, and as she enters, the meatball hound pokes his head out of an identical door.

What they did right: There was one jump scare that got me, and the writing was actually okay.

Special effects and lighting: Meh, it was alright. The most special effects-heavy thing was the meatball hound. He was pretty cool looking, but he had very little screen time, so it was hard to analyze. Production was shoddy but passable.

Today we’ve ventured into the real world to bring you a movie from Redbox. Let’s see how it stacks up to the rest, shall we?

First off, I have a lot of questions.

Why is The Bye Bye Man called that?

Why does he have a hellhound?

Why is he making everyone kill their friends and family?

Why is he motivated to do this in the first place?

Where does he live?

Why does he look like Voldemort?

What’s with the tiny doors?

What’s the history behind why that dude in ’69 (hehe) was the first victim?

These and many more are the questions I have for this movie. While the film is linear, clear, and concise, I still don’t understand the motive behind the Bye Bye Man and what he wants with these poor people.

mv5bmzrjmdkyngytyme5oc00nwjilwexzjgtmjuwnjqwotriodu5xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymtk5mjkzmju-_v1_sx1777_cr001777999_al_The film starts out in 1969, some dude shows up to a house and asks some random lady if she’s told anyone “the name.” She says yes and comments on how funny it is.

At this point I thought “oh cool, the movie is self-aware because the Bye Bye Man is an absolutely ridiculous name. There’s probably a reason for the silly name and he uses that to be scary.” No, that’s the only mention the silliness of his name is mentioned

So then the random dude shoots up two houses of people because they told someone the name after they learned about it.

Skip ahead to the present (nothing apparently happens in the meantime) three college students that have bought a house seemingly near their college campus.

There are two straight dudes and a straight chick. Pretty disappointing if you ask me, I really want to watch a movie where there’s a girl and a guy fighting over a guy or a girl and that’s the romantic tension. Ohh, maybe I’ll write that.

Anyway, this trio (Eliot, Sasha, and John) moves in and there’s no context to suggest there was something romantic between any of them until we see Elliot and Sasha talking about where to place the furniture in the room they’ll be staying in.

Pretty much right away, creepy stuff starts happening. This includes Sasha discovering a tiny door in the room and the door to the room opening and closing on its own. A lot of door related stuff that’s never explained. You’d think they would compare it to portals or doors to hell, but no.

Thankfully these characters have brains. Sasha asks her friend Kim to come do a séance and make sure the house isn’t haunted.mv5bzjq2y2iyzjitmzywmc00yjfhlwjkmdetzwe3ytyxngzimmrll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndg2mjuxnjm-_v1_sy1000_sx1500_al_

Before the séance, Elliot hears some weird noises in the bedroom. He investigates, finds a coin, and sees the inside of the bedside table drawer has writing on it. He finds the words “don’t think it, don’t say it” and the name “Bye Bye Man.”

There is absolutely no explanation as to why a bedside table is the piece of furniture selected to have weird writings on it or how it got into the house in the first place.

But anyway, they do the séance, Kim feels weird energy but doesn’t explain why, then Elliot says the Bye Bye Man’s name and all hell breaks loose.

The main characters start seeing hallucinations which mainly focus on John and Sasha cheating on Elliot behind his back, I assume playing on his worst fears.


At one point, Elliot goes to research the Bye Bye Man and of course, ropes an innocent secondary character into saying his name.

He learns about what happened in ’69, but not why it happened.

At the crux of the movie, Elliot is told he has to kill everyone he’s told including himself. He accepts this without question and goes on a murdering spree. The Bye Bye Man, of course, is lurking the entire time and causes hallucinations that make Elliot kill his friends before he means to.

There’s a lot of pointless trope-y stuff that happens in this film. There’s the detective that gets involved, the death of Kim caused bt the Bye Bye Man’s hallucinations and relationships with secondary characters that only exist to show us that Elliot has a healthy male role model.

We don’t ever find out what the motivation of the Bye Bye Man is. Even during the stereotypical research scenes, we don’t learn much more about the intro scene or why the Bye Bye Man does what he does.

The only real clue we get is when the woman that used to be married to the random dude from the beginning is interviewed, she refers to the Bye Bye Man as a reaper.

This might mean he’s like the grim reaper. However, this does nothing to explain why he has a hellhound or why he makes people see hallucinations.

06Overall, this movie is okay. It goes from point A to point B nicely but doesn’t do much in the way of explaining why the Bye Bye Man is actually scary or what his motives are. he had a mysterious meatball pet and a coin collection that are never explained and he’s only fairly creepy.

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