Features Week Day 4: Rogue Duck Arts

The genius behind Rogue Duck arts is an extremely talented creator. The paintings they create are detailed, bold, and expertly stylized. Grab your commission now!

How long have you been creating?

I’ve been painting for about 3 years.
What inspired you to become an artist?
I have always enjoyed drawing, but never thought I was good enough to become an “Artist”. I started painting and really enjoyed it! I shared a few of my works with my friends and eventually one of them asked to buy a piece. After that happened a few more times, I decided to create Rogue Duck. I’ve been selling art ever since!
What medium(s) do you use for your art?
I usually paint with acrylic on canvas, but I’ve been experimenting recently with some watercolor and marker pieces. I also enjoy crafting and will make various projects out of cardboard and things I find around my house.
Which of your pieces is your favorite? 
What artists inspire you?
I find inspiration in a lot of places. I enjoy painting a lot of fan art, so my favorite characters from different media inspire me. My grandmother was an amazing artist who painted beautiful landscapes. I keep those around my house for inspiration, as well. She really admired Bob Ross and used a lot of similar techniques in her artwork. I also follow a few artists online that are simply incredible. Andy Gill makes these AMAZING colored pencil portraits. Edie Barthelemes is a friend of mine who makes these gorgeous mixed-media abstract pieces and beautiful paint pours. Leonid Afrimov is a fantastic oil painter who has a masterful command of color. All of the people above inspire me to keep practicing and keep creating so that maybe one day I can be as good as them!
Do you have any funny stories related to your art?
I was once commissioned to do four separate octopus pieces by four different people. I became legitimately worried that I would only be painting octopuses for the rest of my career.
What is the most challenging part of being an artist in the medium you’ve chosen?
Probably the saturation in the art market. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can find almost any art you want for almost any price you’re willing to pay. It makes it more difficult to sell pieces for a reasonable price.
Is there anyone you’d like to promote? 
Edie Barthelmes! She’s an amazing artist who does paint pours and mixed-media pieces. I love her choice of colors and the composition of her pieces. Check her out here: Facebook.com/edieseccentricities
Where can we find you on social media?

Thank you to the artist behind Rogue Duck Art for answering my questions! I even have something in the works that will soon show up in my merch store!

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