Features Week Day 1: Raggedy Anzy

Raggedy Anzy has not only been supportive of the things I do, but is always supporting others’ content and bringing to light horror narrators that deserve it.

How long have you had your channel for?

1 1/2 years


What inspired you to start your channel?

Ever since I was a kid, I would read scary stories to my friends and family. I was the horror junkie that everyone went to for a scare. When I discovered there was an entire community of people who love to voice act and put on a good show for horror fans, I felt like it was an opportunity to put my best foot forward at entertaining others.


What is your favorite part of being on YouTube?

The supportive community I’ve discovered. No matter how bad a day I’ve had or who decides to troll me, I know I have a crew that’s there for me and vice versa.


Do you have any funny stories related to videos you’ve made?

For “The Day I Lost My Faith,” I wanted to make a giant skit to represent the comeback I’ve made. I decided to get some friends involved. I had five guys and one girl in my bathroom having me do their make up. One of my friends wanted blood, so I threw him in the shower, told him to take off his shirt, and spritzed his shoulders and arms with fake blood. Another was in a suit from a previous school project. He had wanted to take off the suit, but I told him that he looked like he waltzed straight out of his coffin and demanded he kept it. When we left to head into the woods, I’ve never seen the students on campus turn white so quickly.


What has been your favorite video to make?

My favorite video to make would have to be my 100 subscriber special videos. All three of them have a place in my heart as do the people of whom helped them come to fruition.





What’s the most challenging part of being a YouTuber in the genre you’ve chosen?

Over saturation of a genre can sometimes blur the line between talented narrators that deserve a chance, and voice actors that need more time. I’m unsure which category I fall under, but I’m always open to criticism.


What inspiring words do you have for those that are trying to do what you do?

When you push forward in the dark, you’re going to hit the wall a couple times. But each time you hit it, you’ll understand the way you took just didn’t work. If this is what makes you happy, then however long it takes you to get there doesn’t matter.


Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

I would really love to promote Quipster Puck; another horror narrator. He’s funny, creative, and a fantastic editor. He’s been a great friend to me, and I look forward to working with him more.



Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @thatraggedycorpse

Thanks to Raggedy Anzy for taking the time to answer my questions! Check out this amazing YouTube channel if you’re into horror and creepy stories.

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