IRL Creepy Stories Part 1

Hey there! So I just happened to realize I forgot to post this on Friday. Sorry about that! Enjoy this creepy story that actually happened to me!

Hey folks, I thought I might try my hand at some non fiction this week. I tried out dark comedy last week, so I figured I would keep going with the weird new stuff. Plus I’m writing this on the monday before you see it since I totally screwed up the new schedule I was trying to keep up with so my depression is winning and not letting me write something better.

But that’s besides the point. I want to tell you an IRL creepy thing that happened to me. If this is well-received, I might even do another lifestyle-blog type thing and tell you some more creepy things that have happened. Enough of my babbling, let’s start this thing.

This happened when I was in high school, sometime around sophomore and junior year. I had moved into one of those twin houses that are split in two so it’s basically two half-house apartments. The landlords were super awful so we didn’t stay long, but while we were there, a lot of fucked up shit happened to me. I mean, maybe not to me specifically, but I experienced a lot that I now realize was probably a demonic entity.

I’ll probably get into more detail about this house in the future, but all you have to know for the sake of this story is that my room was a converted attic. It was a huge room and was so old it had a patched over fireplace in it. It was really cool to be a high schooler with such a large room, but it was also the highest place in the house and I was essentially alone. Now, like I said, more context will be stuffed into future installments of whatever you want to call what you’re reading.

So one day I was chilling in my attic room watching Misfits on the good old hulu when shows used to be free, when suddenly I see a tiny spider crawling across my desk. Because I would get extremely wordy in my description of what my room looked like, I’ll spare you and use a diagram. The smiley face is where I was sitting when the incident occurred. In that little nook was a desk. My back was turned to the rest of the room. That frowning face you see is where a circular bulb lamp illuminated my room. It was a dome of glass over a light bulb fixture attached to the ceiling and just happened to be directly over my bed.


Now that we have that sorted out, this tiny spider raised a tiny red flag because I hate spiders. So I squished it, like you do, and went back to my show. But then I saw another one. It was the same size and crawling around in the same area. I squished that one as well and looked up from my computer to see dozens of tiny spiders crawling down my wall and over to my desk, falling from the sloped attic ceiling on tiny strands of baby web. Naturally, I panicked. I turned around and searched the walls of my room for more spiders when suddenly I saw it. Flooding out from under my ceiling light (i.e. the frowning face) was a legion of baby spiders. Naturally, I panicked and didn’t sleep in my bed that night.

I told my now-husband about it the next day at school and he offered (read: I begged him to defend my honor) to look for the nest I was sure was under the glass dome of my light. He unscrewed it as I cowered in the corner. There was nothing there. No webs, no sac of hatched eggs, no dead baby spiders in the glass dome, nothing. Now I don’t know a lot about spiders, but I do know this was absolutely terrifying.

Well! I hope you enjoyed this non-fiction creepy story. Let me know if you liked it and I’ll write more.

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