Features Week Day 3: Master DK

Master DK does a lot on his YouTube channel. One thing he does is reading horror stories. He read my story A Friendly Neighbor and did such an amazing job it gave me chills and I freaking wrote it!

How long have you had your channel for?

3 years (and 8 months)

What inspired you to start your channel?

Back when I started, my primary inspiration was creepypastas after becoming hooked on them. I spent the first year of my channel dedicated to narrating creepypastas before deciding to branch out and do other things I was happy with. I still stick to my roots as much as possible though

What is your favorite part of being on YouTube?

Being able to reach out to multiple audiences with varied content and hearing their feedback, no matter the amount I get. Also just doing things I enjoy and being able to share them overall.

Do you have any funny stories related to videos you’ve made?

I was recording a cover of a Breaking Benjamin song about a couple years ago during the time a storm was brewing outside and when I got to the end of the song, a huge clap of thunder sounded before I got a chance to stop the recording. Of course, my first thought was to remove it during the editing phase but then after re-listening to it, it actually sounded really badass lol So I left it in the official video for the listeners.

What has been your favorite video to make?

I’ve made a lot of videos that were a ton of fun in their own unique ways, but I’d have to say the one I enjoyed the most was the livestream I put on for New Years Eve 2017, when I performed some covers live. I got some really awesome interaction from my viewers and it felt like I was actually hanging with them. Really cool ^^

What’s the most challenging part of being a YouTuber in the genre you’ve chosen?

Probably the fact that I’m far from a professional and don’t have top notch quality, which in the case of the audiences I’m reaching out to, the feedback can be varied due to the expectations of who I’m reaching out to, like fans of covers, fans of original music on YouTube etc. And it can make way for harsh criticism and overall negative feedback. I try to move forward and improve as much as possible despite that though, and I feel I have been doing so.

What inspiring words do you have for those that are trying to do what you do?

It’s gonna have some fantastic ups as well as disappointing downs. You need to ultimately prepare yourself for both, for you’ll encounter both. But just remember that the lowest points you reach, the more worthwhile and fulfilling the highest points will be. It’s a struggle to have to go back and forth only to go back again, but you need to push yourself as much as you can, because on such a large platform, anything can happen, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

Nocturnelle, who does videos focusing on historic horror topics as well as anime reviews and voice acting.

Octopus Joey, a friend of mine for many years who does reviews of games and does a hilarious series called Dumb Guide To Gaming that I helped him with once.

And Haunting Nightmares, who does Five Nights at Freddy’s fanfilms with some amazing production. I have done the voice of Foxy for his most recent film as well.

Where can we find you on social media?

Twitter and Instagram

Thanks so much to Master DK for taking the time to answer these questions. Definitely check out his channel if you get the chance. With the variety of things he does, you’re sure to find something you like.

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