Pumpkin’s Friend

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I wasn’t sure what to title this since I can’t call it an IRL “creepy” story. What happened last night was far more than that. Terrifying, horrific, and traumatizing are a few words I’d use to summarize it better.

So, you need some context. You know Pumpkin, my cat, right? Well, for the last few weeks she’s been acting very strange. Her mood is weird, she walks through the house crying, and I rarely have a moment’s peace since she’s always sitting on my lap. Now, this isn’t completely out of the ordinary, she gets needy when she’s not feeling well. Sometimes, when she can feel a thunderstorm coming, she even comes over to keep me safe since I’m a big chicken. What’s weird is that lately, when she’s sitting with me or crying around the house, she’s always looking at something.

It happens a lot more at night, right after I’ve turned off the TV and the only lights on in the house are a string of Christmas lights in our hallway and my phone while I keep myself entertained before I go to sleep. Pumpkin likes to cuddle up in the crook of my bent legs while I’m lying in bed, and occasionally I’ll feel her jerk her head up as if she’s startled by something.

Last night, I took the time to watch her for a bit after she jumped and realized she was following something around the room that I couldn’t see. Her ears perked up and her eyes were wide. She didn’t seem scared; just curious. She turned her head from one side of the room to the other, followed something as it rose up and down in front of her, and stared intently at the darkest corner of the room behind the door for a few minutes. Eventually whatever she saw disappeared because she rested her head down on the bed soon after.

I didn’t think much of this, though my anxiety was definitely aware that something weird was going on. After all, I fill my head with horror on a consistent basis and am usually quick to believe that the things my imagination come up with are paranormal. I did my best to calm myself down and went back to watching season 8 of Shameless on Netflix.

Then it happened again, but this time, Pumpkin raised herself up on her front paws and I could tell she was more invested in whatever phantom she could see. She meowed a bit and started to walk towards the edge of the mattress, her head following whatever it was from the dark corner to the base of our bed. I then saw something I couldn’t explain. A hand reached out from nowhere and pet Pumpkin across her back. I realized as she flexed her hindquarters around these mysterious fingers, that she was comfortable with this…thing. What’s more horrifying is that this thing didn’t have a body attached to the hand it used to pet my cat.

The hand was small and had purple-painted fingernails, almost like the hand of a child. I slapped a hand onto my husband’s back and started breathing heavily as the small hand started scratching Pumpkin’s ears. He didn’t wake up and I was left to curl up into a whimpering ball as close to the headboard as I could.

Then I saw the faint outline of a small figure, bringing context to the disembodied hand. It was a little girl, just barely taller than the foot of our bed. She had to be 5 or 6 years old. She was dressed in a pink t-shirt and had short blonde ringlets surrounding her head in a bob.

She looked at me and smiled, her frame encapsulated with wispy light. She leaned over to kiss my cat and rested her arm on the edge of my bed, getting more comfortable. I was frozen with fear. Something I had only imagined until now was happening before my eyes. She was just a sweet little girl who wanted to pet my cat, right? My mind filled itself with questions. Where had she come from? Was she a victim of something that happened in this apartment? Was this just a disguise for something more sinister?

She ignored me for a few more minutes and focused her attention on Pumpkin, playing with her tail and giggling as the cat laid on her stomach and played with the girl’s tiny hands. I sat in awe watching this happen, allowing my brain to grow more curious than terrified. I even leaned forward a bit to get a better look at her. She had piercing green eyes that seemed to glow on their own.

As if instructed by something I also couldn’t see, the girl stopped petting Pumpkin and walked strode towards my bedroom door. As she did, she looked over at me with a smile that turned my stomach. Her eyes went black and, in slow motion, her small wispy frame grew darker, taller, and lanky in the light streaming in from the hallway. It’s spindly hands and arms reached the floor and it had to duck to exit through the door frame. The thing’s eyes didn’t leave mine until it was out of view, but I knew it didn’t have any plans to leave me alone.

Pumpkin seemed satisfied with her play session and walked up to me, nuzzling her head into my shaking hands. I hugged her close to me and cried. She purred contently and snuggled into my neck as I calmed down. I unscrewed the bottle of sleeping pills by my bed and by the time they started working, she had laid down between my legs again, her head resting on my knee. My eyelids grew heavy as the pills took over and my anxieties faded away. As my head hit the pillow, I felt Pumpkin jump yet again, but my eyes refused to open.

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