Hey folks! I suppose I forgot to make this post two weeks ago but here it is now!

I am going on a brief hiatus. It’ll only be for the month of September and it’ll be starting right back up with Features Week on October.

Speaking of Features Week, I have a 3,000 followers story contest going on! The winner will be featured as a writer in October’s Features Week and have their story read on my podcast with sound effects and music! Click here to enter and read the rules.

This hiatus means that for this and the next few weeks, I won’t have any new stories for you. But like I said, this is temporary. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook if you miss me. I’ll also be doing live streams on Twitter starting this Saturday to do a little countdown to Halloween. I might throw in a Q&A as well if there’s enough interest.

Thank you all for understanding, you’re all awesome ❤


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