Features Week October 2018: Spoop Hour

That’s right, folks! One of my favorite podcasts has agreed to let me interview them! If you didn’t know, Spoop Hour and I collabed during my hiatus and chatted about how I definitely don’t live in an underground bunker full of barrels of dead people. Click here to listen to our episode!

How long have you had your podcast?

Just over a year!


What inspired you to become a podcast?

We have been friends for more than a decade and have had a unique banter style for most of that time. After encouragement from friends and a mutual love of podcasts, we took the leap!


What kinds of topics do you talk about on your podcast?

Spooky bullshit! We are a paranormal comedy podcast and we are Halloweenies, so we nervously laugh through all the things that scare us.


What inspired the name of your podcast?

Around Halloween, craft stores tend to sell misspelled signs reading Spoopy instead of Spooky. Also we’re an hour long podcast.


Which has been your favorite episode to record so far?

Paranormal Hangover


What is the most challenging part about podcasting in the genre you’ve chosen?

Finding an audience who wants to hear people laugh through scary things instead of just retelling them. We’re very niche, and we know we’re not for everyone.


Do you have any funny stories from podcasting?

Any time it takes us 7 tries to record our simple intro, the time Courtney flipped her phone into her computer, the time the cat spooped us both…we have a lot of misadventures!


Do you sell merch or have any other links you’d like to include?

We just opened up a TeePublic store.


Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

We have the best podfriends (including you!) So here’s some of them:

Pop Culture Bento: A deep dive into pop and nerd culture.

33% Pulp: A podcast where each host reads and hilariously recaps one third of a pulp book.

The Believer Skeptic Podcast: Each week, Chris (the believer) and Cody (the skeptic) explore weird phenomena. Basically our podcast from an alternate universe.

Relic: The Lost Treasure Podcast: Maxwell tells the story of historical lost treasures, from the Amber Room to basically any big pile of gold.

Best Forevers: a Podcast for Kindred Spirits: Dr. Alysa Lucas explores all the different aspects of friendship in the podcast version of a warm hug.

The Strange Sounds Network: home to a bunch of rad podcasts like us! On Twitter @_strangesounds


Where can we find you on social media?

@spoophour on Twitter and Instagram!

The girls of Spoop Hour will soon become your best podfriends. All you have to do is click here and start your journey! Thanks so much to Sasha and Courtney for answering my qustions and being super awesome!

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