Features Week #3 November 2018: Ghost Mummy

Ghost Mummy and I are recent acquaintances, but as a crazy random happenstance, she was a shout out in my very first Features Week from Raven Lavina! Small world, isn’t it?

How long have you had your channel for?

I have had my channel for a long time, but started narrations about a year ago.


What inspired you to start your channel?

The ability to be able to express myself creatively. I was disappointed with the horror coming out of Hollywood and felt that there were thousands of writers out there with amazing Horror stories that could be told. I was right there are many talented authors with great stories to tell.


What is your favorite part of being on YouTube?

Being able to express oneself through writing and bringing ones stories to life or another writers. Sometimes I see a story by an author and I am so blown away and I have this need to take it and bring it to life through narration, audio effects and visuals. I really have to feel the story and then do it justice. I feel a responsibility to make that story breath through my interpretation, if you like. It is also really important to me that the author is pleased with the final product. YouTube allows for that outlet.


Do you have any funny stories related to videos you’ve made?

At the time it was tragic, but looking back I can laugh about it. It was the frustration I had with audio. People would tell me my voice was only coming out of one ear on their head phones. I was mortified, but really didn’t have a clue about audio at the beginning. I cringe at my earlier vids . I mean I really cringe. I read to fast, the audio was horrible. At the time I thought it was great. I thought I was the bomb haha


What has been your favorite video to make?

Oh gosh, so many, they are all my children. If I have to then I would say ‘Poison Chalice’ with the very talented  narrator Nordic Vampire.

And may I just add ‘Dead Water’ and ‘Everyone Dreams’ with the excellent Mr. X Dreams, another fellow narrator that has helped me so much in the community when I was lost and floundering. I mention these three videos because I wrote them. I had something to say, I got to say it and there is nothing more satisfying than getting a chance to express oneself completely and with two very good friends that I have made in the Horror Community.

What’s the most challenging part of being a YouTuber in the genre you’ve chosen?

I guess being a very small fish in a very large pond. It is hard to get heard, noticed, especially if you are female. I think it is extremely difficult for female narrators in the Horror Community. Self promotion and networking does not come easily to me, so it is hard.


What inspiring words do you have for those that are trying to do what you do?

Don’t do it for any other reason than you love it.


Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

I would love to promote Auntie Creeps. Auntie Creeps is a fellow female Horror Narrator. From the moment I heard her voice I was captivated by the passion and  gravitas. She takes the story and makes it her own, commanding and holding ones attention. She has a real passion for what she does and she does it well. Auntie Creeps is an exquisite talent and I admire her immensely.


Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook

Ghost Mummy has also narrated one of my stories, “Patchwork.” She did an amazing job! Here’s what she said drew her to the story:

“I was drawn to Patchwork due to the two female protagonists. I was also intrigued by the mother daughter’s relationship. Their friendship reminded me of the friendship I had with my mother. It resonated with me. Human interaction is important to me in a story. The bonds that bind. Although a short story it gave you a strong  sense of whom they were and their interaction with each other. Their shared curiosity for the unknown and ultimately the horrors they discovered together. I loved this story”

You can click here to listen to Ghost Mummy narrate “Patchwork” right now! Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

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