Features Week January 2019: It’s Haunted…What Now?

Lanie is a wonderful human that has been in my spheres of podcasting since the very start. However, I didn’t get hooked on her content until she came out with this creepy show about haunted items! I love it so much I sent her a story of my own that will be featured in her next episode. Keep an eye out!

How long have you had your podcast?

A few months, I’ve been podcasting for over 2 years!


What inspired you to become a podcast?

I love the paranormal & thanks to my faves: Two Girls One Ghost, Ghost In The Burbs, & And That’s Why We Drink I figured I could put my own spin on it too!


What kinds of topics do you talk about on your podcast?

Haunted Objects & other paranormal experiences with them!


What inspired the name of your podcast?

A joke between myself and a fellow podcaster! Then, I tweaked it a bit to come up with the title.


Which has been your favorite episode to record so far?

Always Use Protection


What is the most challenging part about podcasting in the genre you’ve chosen?

Nothing really, there are a lot of people that have had spooky encounters! It’s insane how many people are out there who have had such creepy things happen in their lives.


Do you have any funny stories from podcasting?

I think my first time reaching out to Marissa from the Vanished & asking her all these questions about podcasting. I look back now & think how funny it was that I just assumed she had all this time to make for me & she’s incredibly busy!


Do you sell merch or have any other links you’d like to include?

No merch but, I’m always looking for more stories! Hauntedpod.com to submit your stories!


Is there anyone you’d like to promote? 

I LOVE the new True Crime Podcast called True Crime BS by Josh Hallmark. He’s a great storyteller and, has a really great concept in mind for this show. Head to Our-Americana.com for links to all of his shows!

Where can we find you on social media?





Lanie also happens to host two other podcasts. In one, she combines Dear Abbey and Post Secret. It’s called We’re All Just Pretending. In the other she focuses on true crime. That one is called True Crime Fan Club. You should give them both a listen as well!

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