Features Week January 2019: Annalisa Ely

I know Annalisa thanks to Twitter! She and I even collabed on an episode together. Click here to see part one on her channel and here to listen to part 2 on my podcast!

How long have you had your channel for?

1 year


What inspired you to start your channel?

I was encouraged when I was at my lowest by YouTubers who made me feel less alone. I eventually found YouTubers who created the kind of thing I would like to make myself, like art and books videos, so I decided to join them, and maybe bring a little happiness to other people, too.


What is your favorite part of being on YouTube?

The community is so encouraging and kind. I have met so many other artists and book enthusiasts among others, and we all support each other and talk about our interests!


Do you have any funny stories related to videos you’ve made?

One time I was sitting next to my mom on the couch and she started watching one of my videos. I know she watches them, so there’s nothing in them I wouldn’t want her to see, but actually being next to her when she was watching it made me feel so embarrassed the whole time. At least she laughed at my jokes.


What has been your favorite video to make?

My favorite videos have actually been the ones I did the most ‘fun’ editing on, laying over images, doing silly zooms, that kind of thing (as opposed to editing out when I say ‘um’), and the one I’ve done the most of that with was actually one of my most recent videos, a Christmas Book Tag.


What’s the most challenging part of being a YouTuber in the genre you’ve chosen?

It can be difficult to appeal to a wide audience on either booktube or artube without either doing rant reviews or having a popular art style. If you happen to enjoy those things, you can be both genuine and popular, but for those of us with different styles it can be difficult.


What inspiring words do you have for those that are trying to do what you do?

If you do happen to enjoy making what’s popular, work hard and it’s very likely you will succeed. Don’t let anybody tell you there’s something wrong with doing what you enjoy just because it goes along with trends. If you don’t enjoy popular things, it’s very likely there is an audience out there for you, the hard part is finding it. It might take you longer to grow, but if your content is different from the norm each new follower will be more loyal because they can’t get what you make anywhere else.


Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

There’s this girl who makes gaming videos that I actually enjoy as much as big YouTuber’s content but she doesn’t have a lot of reach at the moment. She’s called CazGirl Plays and she plays a lot of indie games and has actually been a kickstarter supporter of several games and so has access to closed alphas you can’t see anywhere else. Her content is fast-paced and fun and I watch her new videos as soon as I get the notification.


Where can we find you on social media?

I’m most active on Twitter.

Thanks so much to Annalisa for answering these questions, be sure to check her out on YouTube and don’t miss our collab linked above!

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