IRL Creepy Stories 2

Hey there folks! As per usual, this is a placeholder for what would be a story. This week I’ve been spending the time I wasn’t working my actual job editing my choose-your-own-adventure podcast episode that is still kicking my ass. Look for an update for when that goes live on Twitter!

Anyway, this story is going to be weird and inconclusive, so if you’re into happy endings or explainable things, I really don’t know how you ended up here. Also, this story includes depictions of dolls, and while there won’t be any photos, it still might bug some of you, so…heads up.

Okay, so every year, my husband, his best friend, and I go on a trip to this antique-palooza kind of thing in Lancaster, PA. We spend an entire weekend walking through shops and malls filled wall-to-wall with antiques and cool shit.

There’s this one shop that I’ve only been to once, but has such an overwhelming feeling of dread surrounding it, that I remember it vividly. I walked through the whole thing just once and can already tell there’s some kind of presence on the top level. It made me dizzy and sick to even step foot on the creaking wooden floor.

So, about two weeks before we were scheduled to leave for our 2018 trip, I had a really realistic and vivid dream. I don’t often have dreams I can remember the next day, and when I do, they’re nonsensical. However, this one was different.

In this dream, I was walking through this particular shop and making my way through it’s rooms, when I suddenly felt compelled to stare at this one doll. Her details were crystal clear in my mind, even though I don’t ever remember seeing her previously. She wore a lacey white dress, had light brown ringlets, blue eyes and slightly parted pink lips. Her face carried that vacant stare all dolls seem to have, but in my dream it was like she was looking right at me. She was a larger doll, about the size of an American Girl doll, and sat perched amid some smaller doll companions on a shelf.

As my dream progressed, she spoke to me, her lips never moving. Well, she didn’t actually speak to me, rather I just felt that she wanted me to come to her for some reason and touch her. I reached for her in my dream and she disappeared when I did. I didn’t wake up, but you can be sure I had some sleeping pills in my system within a few minutes.

She was so forthright in my mind in the days leading up to our trip, by the time it came around, I wasn’t as scared of her as I had been that first time. I’d let my guard down a bit, and that was a pretty awful, exposed feeling.

During this trip, there are so many shops, we have to separate them by day, so when the time came to visit that shop, I had a convenient option to either go back to our hotel room, or go with the dudes to the antique store. The entire day I had been feeling the doll in my memory, not in a threatening way, but just as something I couldn’t shake.

I went with my gut and decided against potentially giving something that had been sent to me in an anxiety dream possession over my body by touching a doll in a definitely haunted shop. The second I made the decision to stay at the hotel, an inexplicaple wave of rage flooded my mind, and I felt the doll’s presence leave.

It was gone, just like that. Even remembering the doll and what happened now feels like a distant memory. While I still have an emotional response to it, it doesn’t have as tight of a hold on me as it did before the trip.

Guess we’ll see if it happens again this year.

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