Features Week April 2019: Minna

Minna is just one of her many names. She is an artist, a podcaster, and a wonderful human.

Under what name do you do your art?

I don’t have a specific artist name: on Instagram I go by tupuliini and on Society6 by minnanen. My real name is Minna, that works too 🙂


How long have you been creating?

I started drawing when I was very little, as soon as I could hold a pen. I went to art school (separate from official school education) for thirteen years as well starting from the age of six. My style has really evolved over the years – it’s always been cutesy, but it’s become more defined now and it is more recognizable I think.

I also have a podcast, that has been going for about a year and a half now.


What inspired you to become an artist?

I would not say I’m an artist. I’m just an amateur. But I do like to create, and I want to bring more color into people’s lives. So maybe that is what has inspired me to practice further and develop my skills.


What medium(s) do you use for your art?

I draw traditionally. I usually use Canson paper, black ink pens for lineart (neopikos and pigma microns are my favorite) and Caran d’Ache pencils (Pablo and Supracolor) for coloring. I also do mixed media from time to time where I cut out certain parts from magazines or newspapers and put them together with my drawings. I might also create a collage or this sort of a mosaic image where I cut out very tiny pieces of magazines and make them into a bigger, new picture by combining the same colored pieces if that makes sense. Sometimes I also use washi tape.


Which of your pieces is/are your favorite?


kukkaistyttö - Minna.jpgseppele - Minna.png

What artists inspire you?

Bobo Matjila, Monica Gomes (@monitattoo on Instagram), 0073.UV, Alfons Mucha, Maruti Bitamin


Do you have any funny stories related to your art?

When I was younger, I decided I wanted to use a traditional ink pen – the type where you have the ink bottle and then the actual pen which you dip into the ink. I bought one and the first time I tried it was on a very detailed drawing I had been working seriously hard on. I ended up making a big black blob on the center with my new ink pen 🙂 Never again haha!


What is the most challenging part of being an artist in the medium you’ve chosen?

It’s difficult to erase things when you are drawing traditionally. If you draw digitally, you can move things around and change it easily if you are not happy with the result. But if you erase too much when drawing, the paper becomes thin and your mistakes will show. So in a way, it is a more demanding medium. By now I’ve learned to color very smoothly where it almost looks like it might have been done digitally if the paper is right. Coloring and shading traditionally is another challenge which requires a lot of practice.


Is there anyone you’d like to promote? 

I would definitely like to promote Bobo Matjila. I draw a lot of inspiration from her posts and she has very important things to say. She is @bobomatjila_ on Instagram.

Another person I would like to promote is Kate from the Ignorance Was Bliss podcast. Her podcast is all about mental health and sometimes crime – she tackles issues like anxiety and suicide, and I think everyone should listen to her suicide episode at least once. She’s on Twitter @IWBpodcast.


Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @tupuliini and @nailsbyminnamanna

Twitter: @tc_finland (podcast account)

Facebook: True Crime Finland Podcast (podcast group)

Minna is incredibly talented and does so much stuff, there’s bound to be something for you to enjoy! Check her out and show her some love!

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