Features Week May 2019: YouTuber, NefariousTV

How long have you had your channel for?

I started my channel back in October 2018, but didn’t technically start posting content until the end of November. So about 6 months. 🙂

What inspired you to start your channel?

I have done photography and video production full time with my wife since 2011 and have shot close to 400 weddings over the years and countless portrait sessions. Since around 2015, I have been into horror content on YouTube and knew eventually I wanted to start making some of my own content. I have always had fun creating horror shorts and utilizing my professional talents for fun. It has been a dream of mine since I was super young to make documentaries and over time I realized that starting my own channel would give me an excuse to make little documentaries on each topic every week! So it just worked out perfectly. I never got around to doing it for the longest time, and then in 2017 I almost died from getting sepsis from a pneumonia and since then I have been living life to the fullest and attempting to do everything I want to do, instead of just dreaming about it.

What is your favorite part of being on YouTube?

Interacting with my viewers and making new friends in the horror community. I love when I get messages from people that enjoy what I’m making and want to be a part of it, or at least just chime in on a video. It is truly incredible to know that I have actual fans of my work and it inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing. I have also made some incredible friends in the process and I would consider some of them my closest friends now. It’s pretty insane how it works out.

Do you have any funny stories related to videos you’ve made?

I do! So when I created my Kepther E video, I was trying to watch the entire series a second time by myself, since the first time I watched the series I had live streamed it with about 20 people watching and we all commented on it together. Well, the second watch through by myself, was done at around 2:00AM and I was exhausted, so I was having a hard time staying awake. For those that haven’t seen Kepther E, it is an “Alternate Reality Game” (ARG) revolved around kidnapping, torture, cult initiation and many more strange and creepy things. I ended up falling asleep and the series kept playing…. My wife’s aunt and uncle were staying with us for the weekend and only vaguely knew what my channel was about and so they walked in on some of the most disturbing parts of Kepther E auto-playing on the TV while I was asleep at my desk and they FREAKED out. It was an interesting and awkward conversation the next morning at breakfast!

What has been your favorite video to make?

So since we already brought it up and I do think this one is my favorite, I would have to go with my Kepther E analysis. I put a lot of work into this video and it’s my longest video to date, that isn’t a compilation. This was probably 60 or 70 hours of work and I had to really put all I had into it. It is also the video that helped get my channel on the map, so it means a lot to me.

What’s the most challenging part of being a YouTuber in the genre you’ve chosen?

I think the most challenging part of being a horror YouTuber, is trying to find content that is original and still interesting. A lot of the major creepy subjects have been covered a huge amount of times by several channels and so I have to spend hours and hours digging for more topics and creepy content. I enjoy it, but it is extremely hard to keep up with.

What inspiring words do you have for those that are trying to do what you do?

Stick to what you love, what you genuinely find interesting and if you are trying to cover horror content, creepy. I have noticed a lot of other channels and a lot of my friends try to switch genres half way through their YouTube career because they are not getting the views that they want. I think that a lot of those people made a good choice by switching genres, but that’s only because they decided to switch to doing something that they actually enjoy instead of something that gets them views. If you are creating videos that you yourself would be interested in watching, then you have nothing to worry about, the views will come. The last thing any of us should do, is focus on the numbers more than the content, because even if you make it, you are gonna be miserable being stuck in the circle of repetition if you don’t enjoy your own work.

Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

Yes! I would like to recommend one of my closest friends, Night Terror. He does similar content to me and is one of the best dudes I know. He does excellent short form analysis videos of creepy topics and ARGs. If you enjoy my content, you will absolutely enjoy his as well! I would also like to give a shout out to another one of my closest friends, Penny Tailsup, who chose me for this shout out on her interview. I picked Night Terror for mine, since Penny was just on here, but those two are the best and I couldn’t have made it this far without them.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me here:




YouTube Channel

Thanks so much to NefariousTV for taking the time to be interviewed! Check out his collabs with last month’s YouTuber, Penny Tailsup!

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