Features Week May 2019: 3 Spooked Girls Podcast

How long have you had your podcast?

Since September 2018


What inspired you to become a podcast?

Tara asked Jessica & she said yes! I (Tara) have always loved paranormal & true crime. Jessica & I would discuss it basically daily anyways, so I figured why not try it out! It has been a great experience & we truly love our show & listeners.


What kinds of topics do you talk about on your podcast?

Paranormal & true crime


What inspired the name of your podcast?

At the time there was 3 of us. We did decide to keep the name after it was only us 2 because ghosts and other paranormal entities happen to be our homegirls 😉 & on our logo, that entity represents Kate, the Bell Witch, since she is our favorite.


Which has been your favorite episode to record so far?

Tara’s is Bell Witch 

Jessica’s is Lizzie Borden 


What is the most challenging part about podcasting in the genre you’ve chosen?

Not doing the same topics that everyone else in our niche is at the moment. Some cases tend to be hot topics, but we try to find ones that are lesser known.


Do you have any funny stories from podcasting?

A lot of our funny happenings are in the moment. Honestly our favorite is when we make fun of each other when we mispronounce words. A show favorite is curacao. (the alcohol! haha)


Do you sell merch or have any other links you’d like to include?

We do! Here’s our linktree hub of all the things!


Is there anyone you’d like to promote? 

Accio Politics! Jessica will be guest hosting in May!


Where can we find you on social media?




Many thanks to both Tara and Jessica for taking the time to answer these questions. Be sure to give their podcast a listen and follow them on social media!

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