See you on the other side!

Hey folks! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been posting much here lately. If you don’t follow my podcast, you’re probably confused, so here’s the rundown:

I host this blog along with a movie review blog as well. I combine the two on my podcast, which takes up most of my time these days.

During the month of June, I posted a few stories from LGBTQIA+ authors on my podcast as well as the last Features Week you saw posted here. During July, I’m reviewing the entire Sharknado series on my other blog and only posting movie review episodes of my podcast.

For the months of August and September, I’ll be going on a hiatus to catch up on some work that falls through the cracks when I’m working on getting weekly episodes, stories and movie reviews out for you all. I’d also like a bit of a break to recoup and refresh before digging into spoopy month and the holidays.

While I’m gone, I won’t be posting anything here, on Snark in the Dark, or on my podcast. However, if you’re supporting me on Patreon, I have some goodies coming out every week I’m away. Minisodes of movies I’ve reviewed that aren’t in a series or stereotypically “bad,” a new story that’s too short to be it’s own episode, a bloopers episode, and even an episode where I play mad-libs with my followers!

It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’ll all be available to patrons $1+ during the months of August and September.

TLDR; I’m going on a break for the months of August and September, but I’ll be back soon and in the meantime, you can find awesome content on my Patreon.


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