Novel Tidbit #something

Hey folks! It’s been a hot second since I shared a piece of my novel with you. I thought, since I’ve been spending most of my free time working on it, that I should share some of my progress!

This is from my first/second draft type thing. I initially wrote out the vague idea, outlined it, then started from scratch. Now I’m basically writing a whole new book with the same plot and characters.

One character in particular, Spencer, is a character that was initially introduced as a roommate, but once I realized he could be the key to something bigger, he took up more space and ran around my mind, giving me details I never knew about him.

Imagine a young, energetic rock climber with the boisterous energy, and red hair and beard of Tormund from the Game of Thrones TV show. Now make him uapologetically gay, and you’ve got Spencer.

This was the first scene I wrote after realizing he was more important than he was in my zero draft. Enjoy!

Climbing the creaking wooden steps, the three made their way through a heavy wooden door secured with mechanical padlocks and an intercom system. Spencer pressed the button and bent down to assure the recipient could hear him.

“Good morning, handsome.” He cooed into the speaker. A voice crackled through the intercom in reply

“Spencer, get the hell out of here.”

“Oh, come on sweetheart, I’m here for breakfast. Can I please come in?”

“No, not after what happened Saturday night.”

“Listen, me ma had a heart attack, I couldn’t well leave alone a 183 year old woman to fend for herself after that.”

“Still, I waited at that restaurant, around those people for three hours before giving up.” Spencer sighed and grasped the skin of his forehead in his hand.

“Jonas, do I look like a level two with a cell phone or any means to get in touch with you? Love, I’d been looking forward to that date for nearly two weeks. I’d never leave you hanging for that long. In fact,” Spencer purred. “I didn’t just come by to grab a free breakfast.”

“Oh…?” A brief pause filled the air with palpable anticipation, then a soft buzz and the click of the lock before them broke the silence.

Spencer raced through the door, James and Ethan in tow. Through a windowed office wall to their right, the boys watched Spencer tear through the wooden office door and bear-hug  a curvy blonde haired boy who had previously been doing computer work at a standing desk. The boy laughed, surprised to be lifted from his feet. Spencer leaned back, beamed, and planted a hairy kiss on the clean-shaven face of the boy who seemed to be about Spencer’s age.

The two chatted for a brief moment, holding each other and swaying back and forth slightly, never leaving the other’s soft, admiring gaze, both with wide smiles across their faces. Spencer must have said something raunchy as he turned to leave because the boy shot a look of embarrassment at the two bystanders and blushed.

“Alright, let’s get on with this tour.” Spencer said, shutting the office door behind him, unable to keep the smile from his face.

This is a small portion of what I’ve written for Spencer so far, but I wanted to share it with you, rough as it is, because it just makes me happy!

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