My Next Audiodrama: Happily Ever Apocalypse!

Hey folks! I’m still riding the high of finishing my very first successful outline earlier today, so I just can’t wait to tell you some very exciting news. If you can believe it (that’s sarcasm if you couldn’t tell) none of my stories have been outlined. I’ve been a pantser my entire life and only hoped they would work out in the end.

Well, as an exercise in outlining, I decided to tackle my next show with a proper outline and I think it worked!

I have a summary, a title and am ready to start my garbage draft over anew to bring life to this new project.

I’m sure by now you’re all curious to know what the show is about. Well, here’s the summary:

After a devastating apocalyptic event takes out the entire human population in a matter of months, Polly, daughter of the Easter Bunny, is left with no one but her father and the remaining inhabitants of Holly Creek. Santa Claus and his wife, the Tooth Fairy, Mother Earth, and Cupid along with their immortal counterparts are left in the wake of this apocalyptic event with no purpose. Without the blissful ignorance of the human race, their services are no longer needed. Therefore they must improvise and adapt to their new world rife with financial stress, the loss of the magical meaning their lives once had, and the comfort they had worked for millenia to set up for themselves.

For Polly’s father, this means nearing poverty with each passing day as the defunct Easter Bunny factory becomes even more irrelevant than it already was. To help pay for the bills, EB encourages Polly to get a job. However, because no one is hiring, Polly uses the excuse of potential jobs to visit knowledgeable legendary creatures to get down to the bottom of the mysterious apocalypse that even the news doesn’t seem to understand. As her mission takes shape, she meets an unlikely friend and together they embark on a journey that might solve the problems they face and help rebuild the world as they know it. But at what cost?

Well? Does it sound like something you could listen to? I’m calling it a horror comedy as of right now, but it seems a bit to dark for that, so I might have to settle for something like a dark drama.

Either way, I’m incredibly excited to have this idea fully fleshed out and ready to go! I hope you’ll join me.

I have absolutely no idea when the show will be ready, but I do know I’m going to give it the time and attention it needs before hitting that big green “Publish” button.

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