Okay, What the Heck is Happening?

Hey folks! I know a few of you have probably been wondering what exactly it is I’m doing with my podcast and probably this website. I went from weekly podcast episodes and short stories every now and then, to an audio drama, to absolutely nothing and very little communication. For that I’m so sorry, and I really appreciate your patience.

I waited so long to tell you all because I wanted to make it a podcast episode, but I just don’t have the time for that right now, so here you go- a little blog version of an update.

I’m working on a rebrand right now and it’s taking a while because rebrands tend to do that.

By the fall (maybe sooner) I hope to have an entirely new podcast feed up that showcases my microfiction and audio drama stories. Instead of the chaos that is my current feed with movie reviews, interviews, and whatever else I’ve tossed in there over the years, I’ll instead be focusing my energy on one thing; audio dramas.

Here’s a bit about what’s going to happen:

By October 2021, I hope to have all of this (and maybe more) ready for you to enjoy!

1. A new horror anthology podcast called Augie’s Attic that will feature short serialized audio dramas that all encompass one theme.

2. Edited down versions of the microfiction once featured on the Short Stories of Augie Peterson along with “seasons” of new, longer form stories.

3. A new website!

4. An archive of all the old SSAP episodes!

5. A new audio drama entitled Happily Ever Apocalypse that’s been in the works for the last few months now.

I’ll also be restructuring my patreon to fit the interim between the rebrand so be sure to check it out if you want. I even have something new coming to Patreon next Monday!

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