58728048_2368876263324722_2421977722306691072_nAugie Peterson is a published author of horror and head of the Odd Audio Podcasting Network.

Her work has appeared on several podcasts including The Grey Rooms, Stories Fables Ghostly Tales, Hooks of Horror, True Crime Fan Club, Good Nightmare, Spoop Hour, and many more.

Augie has also been featured on YouTube channels, in magazines, and a short horror story anthology.

Augie lives on the north east coast of the United states with her husband and fur babies. She enjoys baking, crocheting, and sleep.

Augie also hosts a podcast on which she showcases her original short horror stories alongside reviews of horror movie series such as Insidious, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and yes, Sharknado. Find that anywhere you listen to podcasts or, if your lazy, on this page full of links.