Frank’s Horrible Adventure

Frank is a 70 year old man with no access to the internet. What happens when the worst of it's urban legends come out to play with an unsuspecting victim?


Stealing is a Sin

  The door closed behind me as I tossed my backpack onto a nearby armchair. “Rough day?” Alex asked, sitting with their legs crossed and reading The Trouble with Being God on the couch. I plopped down next to them and rested my head on their shoulder. They patted my brown curls and kissed my … Continue reading Stealing is a Sin


The occasional click of needles and snip of scissors filled the silence. The circle of crafters worked away at their projects, pastel baby blankets and muted sweaters swung from their skilled hands. A clock ticked along on the wall and a small lump slept in a pet bed beneath the table. Most of the group … Continue reading Keepsake


I’ve always hated the way these grubby old men stared at Jessica and I. Their toothy smiles showing the filthy thoughts they were failing to suppress. It came in handy, however, when it came time for auction. You see, there are only a few moments where the auctioneer starts to speed up and you really … Continue reading Suckers