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dont open the door cover“Don’t Open the Door”

(Available for pre-order on Amazon right now. It’ll be live in both Kindle and paperback formats on July 26th!)

I worked with Cory and nine other talented writers to make this anthology spooky, creepy, and gross. Don’t Open the Door is an exploration into the horrors of violated safety. All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, something I hold dear to my heart.




“A reality TV housewife finds that truth is often more disturbing than fiction. A college field trip devolves into something stomach-turning. A lonely boy finds something strange in the woods near his house.

These and even more wait for you behind the door. Step inside and discover ten of your new favorite authors of the weird and terrifying, serving you chilling stories that reveal how everything familiar and safe can hide something sinister just beneath the surface. Each of these stories will make you look twice at the places and things you take for granted every day.

If you want to feel safe, if you want to sleep soundly in your own bed tonight, then you only need to do one thing.

Don’t open the door.”


Night Vision Cover

“Night Vision: A Collection of Short Horror Stories (2018 Anniversary Edition)”

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the first book I ever published was a literal pile of garbage. However, thanks to the short stories I’ve written every week since I published it, I’ve learned a lot. So, I revamped each story, added two new ones not published anywhere else, and worked with an editor, beta readers, and not one but TWO illustrators. I’m extremely proud of how far I’ve come in the last year, so I wanted to share it all with you in this book!


“This short story collection comprised of 10 thrilling stories (7 of which have never been published) is filled to the brim with a cast of characters that will surely remain in the back of your mind like that scratching noise you ignore until you hear it in the middle of the night. In this collection, follow a gravedigger through one of the most traumatic moments of his life, a non-binary hero that saves what they assume is a victim, a young girl fighting back against the darkness, and a superhero-in-training as he lives through his origin story.
After writing a new short story for each week of the last year, Augie Peterson has put together this revised, revamped, and re-formatted edition of “Night Vision” that is not only better than the first edition, but doesn’t even compare.”


SSAP vol 1 cover“The Short Stories of Augie Peterson Volume 1″

While the stories in this collection can also be found on this blog, I’ve compiled them into a book so you don’t have to scroll through this site to find them! Also, these stories are better edited versions of the stories you’ll find here!






Night Vision Cover Eliot Roe“Night Vision: A Collection of Short Horror Stories”

Happy endings are so overrated. This collection of short horror stories does what we’ve all wanted previous collections to do- break our hearts and leave us wanting more.
Telling tales of disembodied voices, the mysterious disappearance of neighbors, and haunted dolls with hypnotism on their mind, this collection offers no reprieve from the thrill within its pages. Watch the characters you fall in love with meet their untimely demise, be stabbed in the back by so-called “friends,” or be eaten by a crudely resurrected cat. Can you handle it?