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Night Vision Cover Eliot Roe“Night Vision: A Collection of Short Horror Stories”

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Available on Amazon as a paperback for $4.99 and on Kindle for $0.99

Happy endings are so overrated. This collection of short horror stories does what we’ve all wanted previous collections to do- break our hearts and leave us wanting more.
Telling tales of disembodied voices, the mysterious disappearance of neighbors, and haunted dolls with hypnotism on their mind, this collection offers no reprieve from the thrill within its pages. Watch the characters you fall in love with meet their untimely demise, be stabbed in the back by so-called “friends,” or be eaten by a crudely resurrected cat. Can you handle it?


With Painted Words Online Literary Magazine October 2017 edition.

“Family Secrets”

“…It didn’t take long to track down her boxes, especially since we were barely unpacked yet. Grandma seemed nervous as we searched; jumping slightly every time I thought I had found them. ‘There, it’s that one there’ she said, pointing to a small, unmarked box. Before I could ask her how she knew, she lunged for it and tore off the tape seal. It left black soot on her hands, but she didn’t seem to mind. She tore through the newspaper packaging down to the bottom of the box and pulled out a picture frame. Her eyes began to well up with tears as she looked down at the photo. She stood with it in her hands, and, leaving black streaks while doing so, wiped her eyes and smiled. Without warning, she suddenly dropped the picture frame on the ground, shattering glass and wood all over the carpet. She bent down and swiped away the glass to pick up the picture inside. I knew it well; it was a photo of our entire family outside of my grandparent’s old farmhouse right after my grandfather passed away. ;What’s going on, grandma? You’re scaring me.; I said, my voice trembling. ‘Have you ever wondered why your grandfather never had a funeral? Or how I’ve managed to look so young for all of these years? Have you ever seen your mother do inexplicable things or have you, yourself ever done something that just seems like magic?'”

The idea of this piece was to write something that the artwork inspired in you. Click here to read the rest of the story


“The Woman on the Yellow Bicycle”

Short Story Submissions offers those that love and write about horror a place to share their work and meet others that share their interests. I first got in touch with this site when one of the founders liked a giveaway post I made on Twitter.

They won a free book, and from then on, I’ve been happy to contribute to the site and help others learn about this awesome community of writers and horror addicts!

They asked me to share one of my short stories with them, I was happy to, of course so I shared my most recent, “The Woman on the Yellow Bicycle.” If you haven’t already read it, click here to read it on their website!