Reviews for Night Vision: A Collection of Short Horror Stories

“I’m not a person who enjoys horror stories normally – I can’t seem to find any that aren’t cliche. That being said, this collection is amazing. It’s fresh, it’s original, and it doesn’t take anything from other stories. Sure, the themes are similar – death, spooky sounds, darkness – but the author uses her own dynamic imagination to create something that is amazing and stands all on its own. My favorites were Confessions of a Gravedigger and the last one (can’t remember the name) – the Gravedigger made me audibly gasp! There are a few technical things I noticed, namely grammar, punctuation, and tense, but it’s nothing that impacts the story and that can’t be fixed. The stories were incredible, original and perfect, even for someone who doesn’t like horror collections.” –, 5 stars

“I really enjoyed these short stories, and I’d absolutely read longer versions of all of these. The plot and the ideas behind each of the stories was excellent–very unique and not at all cliche. The writing needs some editing, but this did not detract from the stories at all… –Goodreads, 5 stars

“Thank you to the author of this book for providing me with a free copy in return for an honest review.

A collection of quirky, short stories. I was interested in reading this book as I’d never actually read horror before. I’ve read thrillers but never horror, so I was really looking forward to taking this on.

Each story was different and like the last set of short stories that I had read, I think that there is a story for everyone, some that weren’t really for me would very likely be very well liked by someone else.

The stories were all nice and short, they didn’t keep you long enough to get hooked but was enough of a story to get you thinking and questioning. In the read up, it mentions characters that you could fall in love with, I don’t really think that we read them long enough to have that much of a connection with them, however their stories were quite interesting…

…These stories were a nice length, they were a good read on my commute. Although I didn’t really find many of them scary I didn’t find them completely boring, they’re all well written and very well thought out.”- World’s Slowest Reader Review Blog, 3.5 Stars

 Podcast Reviews: 

“Augie’s charming voice comes in dark contrast to her wonderfully written short stories. Keep up the phenomenal work!” –Hoosier Homicide Podcast- 5 Stars

“Augie is a great writer and an absolute natural at podcasting. The stories are always good, well read and leave you wanting more. The film reviews are an excellent companion and are always really well done and funny without being mean. Keep them coming please!” CK-Mirths and Monsters Podcast- 5 Stars

“Augie is an amazing host and I love the mix of horror stories and horror movie reviews! Those are two of my favorite things and she delivers!!” – Chelsea Based on a True Crime Podcast- 5 Stars

“I don’t listen to very much fiction, but I’m so glad I found Augie’s work! Smart and well-narrated, can’t wait for more!” –Kate, Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast- 5 Stars