Insidious: Chapter 3

A young girl named Quinn is trying to get in touch with her mother so she hits up Elise. When Elise can’t help her, she basically forgets about it until she’s hit by a car. In the two seconds she’s dead, a demon attaches to her and she’s then tormented, tossed around like she’s made of whatever’s inside Stretch Armstrong, and gets possessed.


I’ve always hated the way these grubby old men stared at Jessica and I. Their toothy smiles showing the filthy thoughts they were failing to suppress. It came in handy, however, when it came time for auction. You see, there are only a few moments where the auctioneer starts to speed up and you really … Continue reading Suckers


**This story features characters based on actual people. I suppose you can call it a fanfiction, but that makes things weird. Spoop Hour is a comedy paranormal podcast hosted by Courtney and Sasha. This story is based on a thing they have planned to do in an upcoming episode. Let's hope it doesn't end up … Continue reading Spooped