In a film slated as a direct prequel to the original film, we learn about the origins of Leatherface and how he became the manipulative, cunning, rage filled killer he is. You know, just like the one we've known the whole time. This one has a twist you won't see coming!

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Heather and her tropey gang of misfits cast entirely by Dawson's Creek rejects are informed that a grandmother Heather never knew she had has died. She's been left her estate, so they head out there only to find that the mansion still houses Leatherface in the basement. Heather eventually discovers that she is more connected to the villain of this film than she might have thought.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4

Jenny and her prom date are getting high in a random car in the parking lot when heather and her beau take the car out for a spin to get away from the party and deal with his infidelity at another location. Once they take a wrong turn, they get into an accident and have to ask for help, then are, of course attacked, maimed, and terrorized by a family of unhinged rednecks.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

A detective and radio show host team up to solve the mysterious Texas Chainsaw Massacre Murders that have cropped up since that fateful day a now comatose Sally told authorities about. Unfortunately, once the pair do team up and infiltrate the home of the murderers, the movie devolves into an unscripted mess that’s tied up with a scene that mirrors the last scene of the first movie.