Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4

Jenny and her prom date are getting high in a random car in the parking lot when heather and her beau take the car out for a spin to get away from the party and deal with his infidelity at another location. Once they take a wrong turn, they get into an accident and have to ask for help, then are, of course attacked, maimed, and terrorized by a family of unhinged rednecks.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3

Platonic friends Ray and Michelle are, for reasons I don't remember, driving down to Florida. Once they hit a road block caused by the recent unearthing of a pit full of corpses, they take a detour past a very sketchy gas station. They meet a kind black man that keeps them safe, even as they encounter a murderous family we've never met before that somehow has Leatherface in it even though he died at the end of the last movie.