Where I’ve Been Featured


October 28, 2017: Cabin Nightmare Stories has featured my story “Suddenly The Telephone Rang.” It went live this morning and you can find it by clicking this link right here. He gave the story such depth by reading it aloud and adding sound effects. When you’ve finished listening, track them down on Twitter and add them @cabin_nightmare!

November 4, 2017: I submitted a story for an online literary magazine called With Painted Words and my entry won the contest and was published!! Click here to read “Family Secrets” The goal was to write a story based on a painted piece of artwork, see for yourself if I achieved my goal.


January 5, 2018: I was interviewed by horror-writers.com before Christmas and am happy to say it’s now live! I love the community that surrounds this website, and I’m happy to have been interviewed by them. In this interview, I mention how I got into writing, my favorite D&D character, and where my inspiration comes from. Click here to read it! Follow @horror_writers on Twitter to stay updated.

February 4, 2018: “Trapped” and “Master and I” have been published on a blog called “Tales From the Other Land.” It’s hosted by Edidiong Esshiet. This blog is doing it’s part to bring awareness to authors around the world and acts as a means to share stories and poetry with a wider audience.

February 5, 2018: “Cursed” (parts 1 and 2) and “The Retreat” were read by Raven Lavina. She is a horror narration channel that is super talented. She brought my stories to life and even gave me goosebumps. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Catch up on Raven’s content and follow her on Twitter @RavenLavina.

February 26, 2018: My story “Trapped” was read on the amazing Immunity Zero YouTube channel! They’re also working on a special Horror Tube project so it might not be my last collab with them! They were so careful to take in every detail of the story and did an expert recording of my story. Listen to it here

March 1, 2018: I was interviewed on the EMZT Radio Podcast for Women in Horror month! Check them out on Twitter and catch up on other amazing interviews. My interview starts around the 20 minute mark, but you should stay tuned to listen to the whole thing! Listen here!

March 9, 2018: The supremely talented Raven Lavina has read another one of my stories! She gave “Her Name is Luna” new life and nailed every word, listen to it here. Just a few days later she also read “The Envelope” click here to listen to that. Check her out and subscribe to a small channel that is definitely going places.

May 2, 2018: The uber talented and incredibly supportive Immunity Zero read another one of my stories! This time he chose an old classic; my first story, in fact. He read “Suddenly the Telephone Rang” and you can listen to it here. Don’t forget to subscribe!

May 16 and 17, 2018: Three of my stories were read on “Stories Fables Ghostly Tales” podcast! “Her Name is Luna” and “Incurable” were featured in this episode. “The Guardian” was featured here alongside a chilling story from NoSleep. This pod releases a new episode every day and reads stories from NoSleep, Creepypasta, and user submitted stories. I heard the collab they did with Let’s Not Meet and decided to give it a try!

May 17, 2018:  My story “Revelation” was featured on The Book Lover blog! Read it here, then follow Danielle on Twitter for future Flash Fiction Fridays! When she’s not supporting other authors, she writes beautiful poetry, book reviews, tips for writers, and more!

May 31, 2018: Jessica Holt said some really sweet things about me and my podcast on her blog! I was featured alongside some other outstanding pods as well, so check those out too! Read it here and follow Jessica on Twitter!

July 7, 2018: The talented Master DK read my story “A Friendly Neighbor” on his YouTube channel! He did an amazing job and brought this story to a new level. Check out the video here and subscribe while you’re at it!

August 12, 2018: YouTuber The Crow Flies  read my story “Trapped.” The sound effects and music they included really sold the tension of the story. Click here to listen to their narration and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

August 21, 2018: I was a ghost on Spoop Hour! We talked about missing people and I was able to share a personal story about a missing person I knew. We also talked about how I definitely don’t live in an underground bunker with dead bodies in barrels. Click here to listen to the episode!

August 31, 2018: Hooks of Horror podcast is a bi-weekly audio drama/podcast that gives it’s listeners a new prompt each episode.  I was inspired by the prompt in the second episode and sent my story into the host, Justin. He loved it and decided to read it on the podcast! Click here to listen to the episode, and click here to follow Justin on Twitter. He’s an awesome dude! The Crow Flies also narrated this story on his YouTube channel!

September 6th, 2018: Ignorance Was Bliss and I had a chat about feminism, podcasting, and tattoos! Check out our collab here.

September 10th, 2018: I made it onto a top 10 list! Podcast Delivery listed my podcast in the top 10 for August 2018. Click here to see the full list!

September 14th, 2018: Heather from Nature Vs. Narcissism Podcast (another one of my faves, I was a total fangirl) and I chatted about the Black Dahlia murder. Heather researched the case, and I watched the shitty movie that it inspired. Neither knew what the other was about, so in part 1, Heather and I talked about the case. She wowed me with some insane details that I didn’t know about. In part 2, we lightened the mood a bit and I reviewed the terrible movie they made “about” the Black Dahlia. Part 1 can be found on Heather’s feed, and part 2 on mine!

September 25th, 2018: The Crow Flies read my story “Patchwork” on his YouTube channel!

September 26th, 2018: The Crow Flies read my story “Frank’s Horrible Adventure” on his YouTube channel!

October 18, 2018: Annalisa Ely and I collabed on her YouTube channel and my podcast to chat about Leprechauns. In part 1, she speed painted what a leprechaun should actually look like according to the lore. In part 2, I reviewed the terrible movie the creature inspired. Click here to watch the video on Annalisa’s channel. Click here to listen to our podcast episode!

October 23rd, 2018: Ghost Mummy, yet another terrific narrator from YouTube narrated my story “Patchwork.” With sound effects and music that set the mood better than words alone  could ever do, she did a phenomenal job with this story. Check it out here.

October 24th, 2018: Shawn Ennis from the Stories of Yore and Yours podcast read my story “Deep Dive” alongside several other amazing short stories. If anything, you should give this episode a listen to hear the voice he gave my octopus; it’s perfection. Click here to listen!

October 31st, 2018: The girls of Spoop Hour read my story “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” for their Halloween episode! Listen here.

December 1st, 2018: Justin, from the Hooks of Horror podcast read my story “A Very Undead Christmas” after I wrote it just for his podcast prompt! Listen to it here.

December 31st, 2018: Jess F. Holt wrote a super sweet article about the women in horror who inspired her in the year 2018. I happened to be one of them and I’m blown away by that fact! Read all about it here and find out more about Jess on Twitter!


January 8, 2019: A book blogger named Mrs. Y  reviewed by book “Night Vision: 2018 Anniversary Edition!” She gave it 5 stars and said some really sweet things about it including this quote, which is my personal favorite “Trust me, the Crypt Keeper got nothing on Augie Peterson, because she’s terrifying and a lovely writer.” Read it here!

January 11, 2019: I lent my voice to YouTuber Silver Studio’s video “And the Banshee Cried” as the banshee! I not only used my real voice, but also an Irish accent!

February 12, 2019: I collabbed with Bo Chappell and Dustin Schyler on their podcast Geek Men and the Masters of the Thundernerds! You’ll get to learn all about the stuff that makes me the nerd that I am! Click here to listen to our episode.

July 4, 2019: I was published in a collection of short horror stories called “Don’t Open the Door.” My story “Feed the Pigs” is about a young man separated from the love of his life stuck on a field trip from hell. Click this text to find it on Amazon!

July 17, 2019: My story “A Day in the Life of Ed Gein” was published in the Gruesome Edition of Aphotic Realm magazine. I took the very real case of Ed Gein and fictionalized what a day in his life (and in his head) might look like. Click this text to buy your copy now!

August 5, 2019: Nathan from the Everyone Has a Story podcast interviewed me! It was a blast exploring the relationship my complicated past with religion had on the way I write today! Click this text to hear the episode.

October 17, 2019: The podcast Creepy used my story “Her Name is Luna” as one of their 31 Days of Horror episodes! They even made a change to the initial story that I just thought was awesome. Click this text to listen to it!

October 29, 2019: Sarah from the Good Nightmare Podcast asked me to write something spooky for her Halloween episode and I delivered with a spooky twist on a classic nursery rhyme. Bet you can’t tell which one it was! Click this text to listen now!

October 31, 2019: I wrote a fictionalized true crime case as a practical joke for the listeners of True Crime Fan Club! Click this text to listen now!

November 5, 2019: The girls at Spoop Hour yet again featured a spooky story of mine! This time though, it was based on a very real incident Sasha had at a restaurant. Click this text to listen now!

December 25, 2019: I was interviewed by Jeremy from the Podcasts We Listen To Podcast about my show and the struggles that come with shouting into the void from a closet. Click this text to hear it for yourself!


January 10, 2020: The Grey Rooms performed my story “After the Call” in their phenomenal show. Click this text to hear that. I was also in the Behind the Door episode for it where I, David Steele (one of the voice actors), and the creators Brian and Jason, chatted about the story and where I drew my inspiration for  it. Click this text to hear that!

August 18, 2020:  J.A. Sullivan from Kendall Reviews took a look at my new audio drama, Linda Listens and gave it a glowing review! Click this text to see what she had to say about it!

September 15, 2020: I am absolutely flabbergasted and humbled to announce that I was one of ten recipients of the 2nd annual Ladies of Horror Fiction Grant! I and several others were awarded a grant to help us further our writing careers as a reward for reasonably demonstrating a commitment to writing in the horror genre.

September 25, 2020: Bo Chappell guest reviewed Linda Listens for Aphotic Realm.com! He seemed to love the show and you can read all about it by clicking this text!