Features Week #1 November 2018: The Derailers Podcast

How long have you had your podcast?

A year and a half


What inspired you to become a podcast?

We were fans of podcasts before and always wanted to do one. Finally decided to take the advice of Kevin Smith, Why not?


What kinds of topics do you talk about on your podcast?

We talk about anything and everything


What inspired the name of your podcast?

GoobZ and Ripken were guests on an episode of The Best Darn Diddly Review Show. After Derailing the episode completely it became a running joke that eventually turned into our name. We derail every conversation we have so it fits well.


Which has been your favorite episode to record so far?

Don’t really have a favourite so I will just link the newest one.


What is the most challenging part about podcasting in the genre you’ve chosen?

I feel like the hardest part of any genre of podcasting is finding new listeners. It is easy to feel like a small fish in a really big sea. In the comedy/conversational genres it is really hard as there is so many other great shows!


Do you have any funny stories from podcasting?

Nothing that I can think of off the top of my head. We always have a great time that usually ends up is us laughing so hard we are crying


Do you sell merch or have any other links you’d like to include?



Is there anyone you’d like to promote?

We are part of 2 networks. The Strange Sounds Network (@_StrangeSounds) and the Some Buddies Network (@SomeBuddiesNet)


Where can we find you on social media?




The folks behind this podcast have not only been supportive of mine, but are good people in general. They are weird, quirky, and are unlike any other podcast you’ve listened to!

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