Features Week Day 1: Cephalopods

Cephalopods is a rock band with a 90’s vibe. “Lime Green Lipstick” is one of my personal favorite songs. That and other epic compositions can be found on “Songs to Spoon to,” one of three EP’s they have available on their website.

The lead singer, Jeremy was kind enough to speak for the band for this interview. 

What inspired you to become a musician?

I wasn’t really into the idea of being a musician when I was a kid, haha. I saw piano lessons as another chore. But my dad raised me on lot of good new-wave stuff…stuff like The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Roxy Music, The Police…and that all sparked a love for rock and music in general pretty early on. Then in middle-school…7th grade, I think?…I met a kid at my weekly homeschool co-op who was in a metal band or something. I idolized this guy, followed him around all the time because he was older and all cool and stuff. He brought his bass over…a Fender Jazz Bass…and let me jam on it after school one day. And I’ve been hooked since! Also, as someone who has always dug writing, I came to find that communicating through lyrics has gotten who I am and what I’m about out there in a way that no other medium could.

So, tl;dr…growing up around cool music, cool kids, and wanting to write cool words are what ultimately inspired me to be a musician!


What is your favorite part about being a musician?

Playing music with my friends is the best feeling in the world! Playing the song that some months ago was just a couple of words on a sheet and poorly-played chords on a cheap acoustic guitar and having people sing the words back to you is the best feeling in the world! In short, working with other creative people who are better at their particular instrument than you could ever be to bring a song that was once just some noise in your head and making it beautiful and sharing it with people is my absolute favourite part of being a musician.


What genre of music do you perform?

In Cephalopods, we’ve been called a few things by different people…I’d say it’s indie-punk, or indie-alternative.


Who is your favorite musician?

Tough one! Wilco and Ween are my two favourite bands, but I always go back to Weezer too, naturally. Something with me and “W” bands.


What is the most challenging part about being a musician in the genre you’ve chosen?

Not a lot to do with the music, actually. But the culture is a little toxic. There’s a very defeatist attitude in today’s indie/punk/emo scene. A lot of people in the punk circles I run with seem so jaded and depressed to the point that they let themselves be defined by their depression and their “I’m a piece of garbage and there’s no helping me” attitude. I try my best to bring a little hope to the table when I can without coming across as preachy or like I’m trying to invalidate their hurting feelings. So that part can be pretty hard.

That and the sexism I’ve witnessed is pretty ridiculous, but there’s been a concerted effort to turn that around lately, which is encouraging.


Which of your songs is your favorite?

Outer Comstock. I wrote it while I was missing my hometown (Syracuse, NY). It’s quieter than we usually are, so that’s nice.



Is there anyone you’d like to promote? 

Yes, there are a few! First, there’s my man Jake Rozmus who does a lot of Americana folk tunes. I had a great opportunity to perform in a band with him for a time, he’s a fine songwriter.


Then there is my friend Ben Murdy. He’s 15 and he’s already playing all sorts of shows and already working to hone his craft, and he’s totally got a lot more drive than I ever had at age 15.



In my hometown, Syracuse…where I’ll be moving back to set up shop in May…there’s this fantastic pop-punk band called Townhouse Warrior that my high school friend Zack Fitzgerald is the leader of. Def get into them if you’re a pop-punk fan!



and lastly, my lead guitarist is in a band not dissimilar from mine called Second To Safety. I know he’s got big plans for that band, so now’s a good time to pay attention to them. He’s the best young guitarist I know, a great producer, and he’s developing very nicely as a songwriter too. Check it.



Where can we find you on social media?

go to https://www.facebook.com/cephalopodsny/ if you wanna give us a like (it won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t). we’re on twitter at https://twitter.com/CephalopodsNY and instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cephalopodsny/

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Thank you so much to Jeremy for answering my questions! I hope you’re into these awesome dudes as much as I am and show them some love on Bandcamp!

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